offline Cakeman Icing Guru Hip Hop Messiahz
Tuesday 25/06/2013, 08:37

There seems to be alot of preset threads...Why not post them here?smiley

offline - Gino - Senior  
Tuesday 22/10/2013, 02:23

elo october 20th-27. This has a solid matchup to anything this week. Piranahs are probably my worst matchup though(not nightmare this has a strong matchup to nightmare)

offline mugatar1134 Guru wicked souls
Wednesday 23/10/2013, 07:57
R&C pls
for this week smiley too much nightmare around

offline Spikey 13 Guru Comfort In Sound
Sunday 27/10/2013, 17:28
Rescue deck for this week R and C please?

offline - Gino - Senior  
Wednesday 30/10/2013, 03:08,clan,asc,all,0,deck,)

nothing special about this preset except that it wins smiley

offline _Guedes_ Hero  
Wednesday 30/10/2013, 13:58

^wrong link

What i am using this week:

Quite solid.

offline _Guedes_ Hero  
Wednesday 30/10/2013, 14:27

The other one that i usually play with:

offline ehi coso Titan  
Monday 04/11/2013, 12:27

yo! elo questa settimana

best elo deck for this week?

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Clint City, day.