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Tuesday 02/07/2013, 10:59

Here are some great events that you can JOIN and win great prizes!

Events by players supported by Staff

Events by Staff

EN Flashmob Jan 16
Gain points throughout January by scoring well in Survivor, DT and ELO.
At the end of the month your points are converted into great prizes!

❛EGO❜ v2.
After the success of ❛EGO❜ the sequel has arrived, this time bigger and better.
Four 32 player qualifiers, top 8 players qualify to final event.
Final event 32 players..
The first qualifier is now open!
❛EGO❜ v2 Q1

Somehow finding himself in position of Lenora's new compound after the fight at the Freak's show, Arturo decided to try and look after it as best as he could until he could return it to her. Hearing about the unique chemical, Jason immediately went on the hunt, sensing profit to be made. Meanwhile, Deborah heard from a little bird that this chemical could be very useful in taking revenge on Lin Xia. So it's no surprise that when Arturo foolishly imitated LaFleur at a Gravityball game she took offence and therefore started a fight that drew Deborah and Jason like moths to a lamp.....

Strategic Movements - Becoming the Mastermind - This event will ban many of the powerful played cards and staples in today's meta game mode. It will bring back to life many of those non played cards, such as staples from the past, underused cards from more recent times or even cards long forgotten. Focus and use strategy to make the best deck and play style weekly in order to be crowned "The Mastermind" (Note: waiting on confirmation on support)

The EN Event Team - Add them to your friend list and join their "newsletter" event to keep updated with their events!
Infiniti & XC Levi 69 - The Infinite Universe
Cyber - Cyber-holic
Shanks Guru - The Mini Shanks Games
-CALLOUS- - CC Circuit Players
mahdin_DvF - ---- Mahdin Event Information ----
Predator_08 - Pred's Event Information
W M Daexen - Memorial Mayhem
Pilot- - The EN Community Newsletter | Deal or Steal Competition
Reap-DvF - The Void Realm
mihalll7_UM - Super Series

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