offline The_Recluse Titan  
Wednesday 03/07/2013, 15:06

The UR universe is a big place and an easy place to feel lost. Slaves of Freedom are recruiting new members and would like you to join. We are a new guild with great opportunities for new players to learn and advance and for more experienced players to find their niche.
-Level 10: We do not put newborns under the whip
-Green face rating: Even a slave must have honor

We have prizes available every week for active players and our first event is already constructed and looking to get started. As the founder, I consider the forums an integral part of the guild experience and focus a lot of energy on it. Come join us as we swell our ranks and begin the journey to see if we can be anything more than slaves.

edited by ArtemisBZ wednesday 03/07/2013, 15:06

offline -Leothorn-SoF Hero Slaves of Freedom
Tuesday 10/09/2013, 06:31

We aint subjects of any kingdom
Demands if any, are quite seldom
So join us for fun , as the guild is not random
I assure you that you wont die of boredom
Friends if you have any, your welcome to bring them
Under the umbrella of the , Slaves of Freedom

offline signeal Master The Trend
Saturday 14/09/2013, 09:19

Honestly i think this is a cool guild. it accepted a low level like me so that proves they're nice smiley. and I'm exited that the forums looks active. all i can say is I'm looking forward to the good times. cheers. smiley

offline SlaceCade Guru Code of Chivalry
Tuesday 17/09/2013, 02:32

Slaves of freedom has been around for a while now and are started to get a good core group of players, but we are always welcoming new members!

offline The_Recluse Titan  
Thursday 19/09/2013, 02:44

Someday this recruitment thread will have a 100 posts. When that day comes, I'll fondly comb through all the old posts on it, doing my utmost to remember the good ol' days as the doctors switch by switch turn off my life support and as I finally click on that tab to see the 100th post, I'll whisper something ineffable that the nurses can't quite make out, but the angels will hear quite clearly "See in what peace a Slave of Freedom can die."

offline Brendan_LoA Colossus  
Thursday 19/09/2013, 06:38

First guild lottery made today deleted

offline StormCrowen Master  
Thursday 19/09/2013, 07:07

This guild has a very helpful forum. Lots of useful info in there

offline The_Recluse Titan  
Sunday 22/09/2013, 21:10

Guild prizes given away in the past week:
Benson x 2
Oxen x 2
Sol Hona
El Matador

Just food for thought for the mercenary-minded out there smiley

offline _2015_ Senior Harbingers of Ares
Monday 23/09/2013, 02:25

Very nice guild smiley

offline The_Recluse Titan  
Monday 23/09/2013, 08:51

Nice comment followed by the razz. Hmmm, that sounds a lot like my usual method of complimenting women......smiley

offline SlaceCade Guru Code of Chivalry
Saturday 28/09/2013, 03:32

4th most active guild this week in US with only 44 members

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