Monday 08/07/2013, 23:51

Wanna be independent, join us. Here, there is no founder. Foundership depends on merit. I am indeoendent. Are you? Shell we make it a tradition?
All comments, even by Daexen are welcome, however moronic.
Say good luck to my new guild and stand by to enter a new world of magc, folklore and history.
Your merlin, the magi!

edited by -Wicer- monday 08/07/2013, 23:51

Friday 12/07/2013, 06:20

I like this new kind of guild. JOIN smileysmiley

Monday 15/07/2013, 16:29

No thank you, we are closed for business because of some maintenance works.
Pls close, kind mods.

Monday 15/07/2013, 16:30

Babs, ex-whatever, librarians, partners, footballers, or whatever, they are all bad. smiley

Monday 15/07/2013, 16:36

In the end, ex-librarians win over people in-depends.


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