offline elocau Titan  
Thursday 11/07/2013, 11:24

Hey everybody,

We are currently working on a modern webdesign, easier and more intuitive in terms of browsing. Don't worry we kept all of the features ! We just reorganized them and gave them a new life with an uncluttered design.
As we are always looking to satisfy you, we'd like to know your advice. So, we propose you to test this new website !

We modified :
- the homepage
- the collection / collection pro pages (we merged them)
- the shop page
- different game modes details pages

We also pout on the foreground a few features that seemed important to us, like the friend feed, the boards, the market…
Tell us what you think is good or not that good, what is missing, etc.

For example, what about :
- the friend feed available on every page ?
- landing directly on the game (the game being located on the homepage) ?
- the new collection ?
- the new character page ?
- the game modes ranking page ?…
–, etc.
All criticism are welcome, good or bad, we work for you smiley !

Thank you all in advance, and have fun !
Click here to test the new website.

edited by elocau thursday 11/07/2013, 11:24

offline 0 ComeAtMe Titan aussie crusaders
Thursday 11/07/2013, 12:06

The main page is very, very cramped. The news feed is all distorted and needs to be expanded. I like the idea however there needs to be some minor changes in order to make it user friendly smiley

offline Natural Mess Veteran lonely fighters
Thursday 11/07/2013, 12:10

I and my friends would like a new background a classier one
also i would like to chat directly from the social page instead of it on the game
urban rivals must also change its name to UR as we live in a world of short forms and more easier to relate

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 11/07/2013, 12:10

Depends on what you'll do with the extra space, but let's say yes.

offline Saga Admin The Royal Knights
Thursday 11/07/2013, 12:12

You prefer a huge homepage with all the news for example instead of arriving directly on the game?

offline Wicked Witch Titan Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 11/07/2013, 12:15

it's the social aspect that is keeping us older players here. so yes smiley

offline TnT-SylntEcho Colossus TRiNiTY
Thursday 11/07/2013, 12:18

The design is good... but it's loading slowly...
I live in India...and not everyone here or in similar countries with not so good internet connection might face an issue like this(provided that is what is causing the trouble)

Also i don't like the idea of game loading on the 1st page idea. Quite a few time i don't have time to play but i do like to check the feeds and all to keep updated.

offline (RedX) Titan  
Thursday 11/07/2013, 12:18

I enjoy the layout of it. But i enjoy looking through collection and seeing my cards art work with the new collection system it feels like all of the cards are to small to enjoy the artwork on them but other then that it seems great smiley

offline 0 ComeAtMe Titan aussie crusaders
Thursday 11/07/2013, 12:18

That would be nice, especially when you are only checking in on UR.

@Wicked Witch - I totally agree. I would of given up on this game a long time ago if there wasn't a good social aspect of it smiley

offline Signomi Titan D-Versified
Thursday 11/07/2013, 12:19

I would prefer having the home page greet me when I log-in rather than the game, sometimes I have sales from the market I'm looking into, news from my friends, etc. etc. Diving directly into the game isn't my style. Perhaps we should have an option of whether we should have the game as our homepage in the user settings, if that's possible.

But overall, you guys are doing a pretty good job. The old site wasn't perfect either, a few more adjustments and it'll look much more sleek and less cluttered.

offline Waddle Waddle Novice URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 11/07/2013, 12:19

I prefer the Old page.

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