offline elocau Titan  
Thursday 11/07/2013, 11:24

Hey everybody,

We are currently working on a modern webdesign, easier and more intuitive in terms of browsing. Don't worry we kept all of the features ! We just reorganized them and gave them a new life with an uncluttered design.
As we are always looking to satisfy you, we'd like to know your advice. So, we propose you to test this new website !

We modified :
- the homepage
- the collection / collection pro pages (we merged them)
- the shop page
- different game modes details pages

We also pout on the foreground a few features that seemed important to us, like the friend feed, the boards, the market…
Tell us what you think is good or not that good, what is missing, etc.

For example, what about :
- the friend feed available on every page ?
- landing directly on the game (the game being located on the homepage) ?
- the new collection ?
- the new character page ?
- the game modes ranking page ?…
–, etc.
All criticism are welcome, good or bad, we work for you smiley !

Thank you all in advance, and have fun !
Click here to test the new website.

edited by elocau thursday 11/07/2013, 11:24

available qwaiker Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 11/07/2013, 20:37

Um, it doesn't load well if you try to load it through the iPhone version, it's all messed up.

offline -Rapture- Guru  
Thursday 11/07/2013, 21:08

I'm probably gonna sound weird for being annoyed by such a minor detail, but I really don't like the banners for the La Junta and Jungo albums, and some others could be better too. Almost all of the new banners look great tho'. Equal to or even better then the old ones for the most part.

I would like it if characters you don't own are shown in black and white or just fully shown but marked as 'don't own', rather then being completely invisible without clicking on 'em. It's more appealing to look at then a whole lot of brown blocks.

Other then that and a handful of really obvious bugs I'm sure have been mentioned before(not gonna read 15 pages, sorry), really liking the new design.

offline DUC-DarkDemon Titan Dutch Urban Crew
Thursday 11/07/2013, 21:11

I dont really like it the test version. I think how its now (like the homepage) is better

offline Atlas TpU Titan ``THe_PeRFeCT_UnKnOwN``
Thursday 11/07/2013, 21:18

Everything is cluttered. i dont approve

offline Z4KALW3 Hero  
Thursday 11/07/2013, 21:21

The current site is so much better. The new one looks sterile in comparison.

Sorry to rubbish all the hard work that has gone into this.

offline Goyo Emperor Hero Hip Hop Messiahz
Thursday 11/07/2013, 21:44

I want to see the first art of a character when browsing the clan characters is much easier to find the character rather than searching it by name

offline 0 Doflamingo Titan  
Thursday 11/07/2013, 21:57

Rather than creating a completely new site, I feel like you should take the positive feed back and merge it with this site.

offline Dan_Clep Colossus Open Casket
Thursday 11/07/2013, 22:25

Give the slots machine to the iphone users, pls

offline Zoidberg1 Legend the courtyard of shadows
Thursday 11/07/2013, 22:39

I would stay with the current site the look and feel is much better

the new one looks messy and flows badly

offline TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Thursday 11/07/2013, 22:51

It's a bit confusing to navigate and having such a massive header on each page will swiftly become annoying. Why do you need to make a whole new site? Why not just make small adjustments to the current one?

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