offline Saga Admin The Royal Knights
Friday 12/07/2013, 10:07

Build up a colourful deck! Not less than 8 clans and that's all!
Opening doors at 5PM to 11PM CET.
Let's fight in this Coliseum: Rainbow edition!

offline Signomi Titan D-Versified
Friday 12/07/2013, 10:39

1 card of each clan eh?

At least bonuses will be out of the way for the most part. Better than the old format.

Along with 28* restriction.

Its awesome

offline Mak-sPosampas Legend Kill Em All
Friday 12/07/2013, 11:01

12hp or 14hp?

offline KamaMan Imperator The Infinite Shoeblack
Friday 12/07/2013, 11:04

What are the prizes?

offline BabyWinter Imperator  
Friday 12/07/2013, 16:31

Does the last Coliseum's award give away? I got 44 score but I didn't get anything?

offline 0 Doflamingo Titan  
Friday 12/07/2013, 16:53

I ranked 180, and I did not get 2000 clintz. I'm pretty sure I got somewhere 1.6. I am not sure what happened.

offline 0 Alin Colossus 3LO MA$T3R
Friday 12/07/2013, 17:48


Looks like someone likes to play with 9 cards from 8 clans or something...

offline H0m3Boi Guru Code of Chivalry
Friday 12/07/2013, 18:15

Is there a reason my score isn't going up when I win cause I should be at 12 score but I'm at -3 some one help please.

offline 0 Fruz Titan  
Friday 12/07/2013, 20:09

I guess this format isn't for me, doing pretty bad at the minute.
Keep coming up against Graksxxmt, Jackie Cr, Yayoi, Spyke, ect too much for me to handle. xD

Oh well, hopefully I might do better in the next one.

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Clint City, night.