offline Espectroscuro Colossus Le p0tager
Friday 26/07/2013, 11:27

Record temperatures beat down on the streets of Clint City with the dry heat making the place feel more like a set for a Western. But nothing stays the same in Clint City for long. Not much is needed for tempers to fray and for a fire to take hold.Are recent recruits to the Huracan clan, level 2 Mister Pollo and level 4 Tabasco Fire, behind all this? Or has one of the experiments of level 3 Sakrohm member Baxter gone wrong again? In any case, this is a mission for Reeve, the level 5 Rescue member, as he flies through the skies to the scene of the crime!
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offline yaoihuntresse Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 08/08/2013, 21:24

I'm hoping we're finally getting El Divino.

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Friday 09/08/2013, 08:00

Ulu watu, berzerk, montana, and huracan would be my guess... No Ulus since Daddy Jones if I'm not mistaken...

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Clint City, day.