offline Goralion Admin Clint Staff
Friday 26/07/2013, 11:58

Hey everybody,

First, thank you for your feedback on the first version of the new site project. Our goal is to rejuvenate the current website, make it clearer and easier to use, and above all make you enjoy it. This is why we need your feedback, positive or negative, so don't hesitate to tell us what you think.

We just released a new version of the website containing modifications developed according to your feedback and the survey.

You can check it directly here :

Here follows what we modified on this version :

Homepage :
- you didn't like the new home page, and that the game was located on the home page as you felt like we forced you to play
-> the home page is now more like the current website's, with news, staff events, rankings, missions and friend infos

- you didn't like the menu's colors as it looked too childish
-> we put the same colors than the current website's menu

Game page :
- you didn't like to see the game on the homepage
-> the game has now its own page. You can access the game by clicking on the PLAY button

Design and pictures :
- you didn't like the background and its black gradient, as well as several design elements
-> we created a new background, brought color to stick with UR's style

Collection :
- you didn't like that both collections (pro and normal) didn't work the same way
-> both views of the collection, list and cards, are homogeneous. The selection zone is the same, and can be used to sell on the Market, create auctions and create a deck. We are optimizing it so that it will display a lot faster.

- you like the album and having the missing cards' verso displayed
-> we are pleased to see you like it smiley

- you thought the album was missing some informations about missing characters
-> we added their Market price and a "purchase" link to access directly to its sales on the Market. A "details" link is also present to go to the corresponding character page

We also corrected (and we still are) bugs you found.

Thank you again to help us improve Urban Rivals' website ! smiley

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offline Kefalo Imperator Casual Grind
Friday 26/07/2013, 14:06


The regular collection might as well not exist as far as it's functionality is concerned even on the regular website. I have never found a reason to not use the pro collection once I became aware of it a long, long time ago. A featrue exclusive to it pretty much meaningless.

The pro collection without a way to see how much you paid for individual cards is likewise pointless to a trader. Why you can't acess the card history directly from the pro collection is beyond me, since that is the only relevant statistic which isn't shown on the card itself once it's upgraded.

offline Goralion Admin Clint Staff
Friday 26/07/2013, 14:08

That's something we forgot, we will put it back. smiley

offline Kefalo Imperator Casual Grind
Friday 26/07/2013, 14:12

*correction: I did find a reason to use the regular collection once. I bought way too many copies of a card and it caused the pro collection to crash. So the only way for me to discover a way to see my individual card history on the new website is if I'm physically restrained from using the way more functional and browsable page that does everything esle (including that function in the old website).

The normal collection is pretty pointless as a whole, tbh.

offline xXDeadXPoolXx Senior  
Friday 26/07/2013, 14:12

Who delelted my Comdey acts... .So mean smileysmileysmileysmiley

offline Kefalo Imperator Casual Grind
Friday 26/07/2013, 14:18

Oh, as for my suggestion: can you make the "price you paid" ectually listed in the card statistics in the collection pro in place of the details button (with Duel, for cards won in a duel, and Trade, for cards obtained from secure trade)? (details button - stacks, price you paid - individual cards in a stack). So that when you open the stack you don't have to leave the page at all to see what each card cost you? If it was listed like that I'd switch over to the new website immediately and never look back, pretty much...

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Friday 26/07/2013, 14:26

I did simple analysis/evaluation of layout of game page. In short, beta's layout is wasting about 70% of screen to total nonsense and hiding the game area even on 1920x1080 sized screen.

This is 100% unacceptable.

Here is game screen as it shows to me :

Here is my analysis (with legend) showing wasted/(un)relevant/unused screen parts as color codes:

Seriously; rethink.

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Friday 26/07/2013, 14:28

I'll be honest with you. That wasn't a comedy act, that was the equivalent of a hyperactive ten year old with a multiple personality disorder having a conversation with himself. If you wanna be funny at least try to stick to the topic without flooding it.

offline xXDeadXPoolXx Senior  
Friday 26/07/2013, 14:29


offline xXDeadXPoolXx Senior  
Friday 26/07/2013, 14:29

Im simply acting my fav Chr..........

offline Goralion Admin Clint Staff
Friday 26/07/2013, 14:43

@DeepEnd : i'm affraid webdesign is a little more complicated than that. smiley

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