offline Goralion Admin Clint Staff
Friday 26/07/2013, 11:58

Hey everybody,

First, thank you for your feedback on the first version of the new site project. Our goal is to rejuvenate the current website, make it clearer and easier to use, and above all make you enjoy it. This is why we need your feedback, positive or negative, so don't hesitate to tell us what you think.

We just released a new version of the website containing modifications developed according to your feedback and the survey.

You can check it directly here :

Here follows what we modified on this version :

Homepage :
- you didn't like the new home page, and that the game was located on the home page as you felt like we forced you to play
-> the home page is now more like the current website's, with news, staff events, rankings, missions and friend infos

- you didn't like the menu's colors as it looked too childish
-> we put the same colors than the current website's menu

Game page :
- you didn't like to see the game on the homepage
-> the game has now its own page. You can access the game by clicking on the PLAY button

Design and pictures :
- you didn't like the background and its black gradient, as well as several design elements
-> we created a new background, brought color to stick with UR's style

Collection :
- you didn't like that both collections (pro and normal) didn't work the same way
-> both views of the collection, list and cards, are homogeneous. The selection zone is the same, and can be used to sell on the Market, create auctions and create a deck. We are optimizing it so that it will display a lot faster.

- you like the album and having the missing cards' verso displayed
-> we are pleased to see you like it smiley

- you thought the album was missing some informations about missing characters
-> we added their Market price and a "purchase" link to access directly to its sales on the Market. A "details" link is also present to go to the corresponding character page

We also corrected (and we still are) bugs you found.

Thank you again to help us improve Urban Rivals' website ! smiley

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offline rogueSleipnir Guru URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 31/07/2013, 01:06

The only thing I like about the new design is the card pop-up when you hover over card names.

And please provide a list view for deck building... for easier sorting.

offline HyperSumthin Guru  
Wednesday 31/07/2013, 01:30

I think it is solid overall. My only minor problems is the link colours don't stand out as much as before, scrolling takes some time to get used to in the collection tab and the effective use of space on the main page. Other than that, everyone will get used to it, I'm sure, over timesmiley

offline moz vesper Veteran  
Wednesday 31/07/2013, 02:43

I have only one gripe you guyz can hopefully fix // _ ^

when you play the game, the its your turn and time blocks the cards somewhat making it annoying to see what the cards bonuses are and same goes for when your opponent clicks a card and you cant tell if he has confidence on cuz the card iz blocking it.

If you can can you please move the timer and the current stats ( Confidence, revenge etc ) of to the side so they wont be blocked or blocking a part of the screen.

offline rogueSleipnir Guru URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 31/07/2013, 07:33

The client's native size is small and is streched out to fill the page = UGLY game client.

I feel the top bar is still too big though. Can we get a switch to keep it from scrolling with the window?

offline hshm Imperator Knights Ressurection
Wednesday 31/07/2013, 09:16


offline moz vesper Veteran  
Wednesday 31/07/2013, 09:47

Can you also make it that the new comments come out before the old ones kinda like youtube comments please

offline Mustafa__ Veteran  
Wednesday 31/07/2013, 12:55

Just like Post 114 about the clients size

offline DogGone Titan  
Wednesday 31/07/2013, 17:13

How about a FASTER timer/shot clock for each round, like 1 minute/ 60 seconds!!! Much appreciated!!! Thank you!!!

offline Avery.Foellinge Veteran Angels of Pain
Wednesday 31/07/2013, 18:22

I think a new website brand new starting decks
Like the old one...

offline 0-Nomadus-0 Guru Punk_Asociation
Thursday 01/08/2013, 08:01

Better is old game version

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