offline Goralion Admin Clint Staff
Friday 26/07/2013, 11:58

Hey everybody,

First, thank you for your feedback on the first version of the new site project. Our goal is to rejuvenate the current website, make it clearer and easier to use, and above all make you enjoy it. This is why we need your feedback, positive or negative, so don't hesitate to tell us what you think.

We just released a new version of the website containing modifications developed according to your feedback and the survey.

You can check it directly here :

Here follows what we modified on this version :

Homepage :
- you didn't like the new home page, and that the game was located on the home page as you felt like we forced you to play
-> the home page is now more like the current website's, with news, staff events, rankings, missions and friend infos

- you didn't like the menu's colors as it looked too childish
-> we put the same colors than the current website's menu

Game page :
- you didn't like to see the game on the homepage
-> the game has now its own page. You can access the game by clicking on the PLAY button

Design and pictures :
- you didn't like the background and its black gradient, as well as several design elements
-> we created a new background, brought color to stick with UR's style

Collection :
- you didn't like that both collections (pro and normal) didn't work the same way
-> both views of the collection, list and cards, are homogeneous. The selection zone is the same, and can be used to sell on the Market, create auctions and create a deck. We are optimizing it so that it will display a lot faster.

- you like the album and having the missing cards' verso displayed
-> we are pleased to see you like it smiley

- you thought the album was missing some informations about missing characters
-> we added their Market price and a "purchase" link to access directly to its sales on the Market. A "details" link is also present to go to the corresponding character page

We also corrected (and we still are) bugs you found.

Thank you again to help us improve Urban Rivals' website ! smiley

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offline Umut70 Imperator Open Casket
Friday 26/07/2013, 14:57

Where is Cards Page?

offline Fun OK 6 9 Colossus OnE MaLaysia
Friday 26/07/2013, 15:22

About "My Album" function:
Please add the option "show card's max level". In the Beta's "My Album" function, i need to click on the "Details" button of each card I don't own to see its max level pow/dam/ability. I like the current "Character" page because it shows the power/damage/ability of every card a player doesn't own immediately at one page. It is very convenient especially for newer players (like me) who need to decide which card to buy to improve their deck.

offline Monty XX Titan Heaven Destroyer
Friday 26/07/2013, 15:34

Gorallion, please find a way to enlarge the play area...i can't stand there for long time smiley

offline NeoAC Colossus Time Conquers All
Friday 26/07/2013, 15:36

I would still like to see a link to Events that I am currently in. There is still no way to get to them that is as easy as the method now.

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Friday 26/07/2013, 15:52


No its not - but pointing out obivious flaws in design IS that easy. Im not here to tell how to solve those problems, but merely to demonstate how big they are by analyzing the screens and what information (and how relevant information) they present.

That is my real-life job btw, Im user interface usability tester.

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Friday 26/07/2013, 16:07

And to point out difference - i analyzed old UR too. Old UR has much more solid presentation area (large green center) that is not broken by irrlevant stuff, it is also capable of showing play area whole even on smaller desktops.

Reason why old design is far better is because user information is presented on empty side area and urban rivals logo is not dominating the screen, but nicely sitting on top of user information. In old design there is very little vertical space wasted so the design is neat and tight.

Heres pic of old design space use.

This is so fundamental design failure I strongly suggest taking it back as priority thing. Yes, whoever had the idea of doing beta like it is will probably hate my guts, but I tell you - that beta's screen layout sucks very bad and affects usability in tremendous way.

offline Cartoonlee Imperator Wise Men Distracted
Friday 26/07/2013, 16:27

Is there a comic section?

offline exk72 Colossus aussie crusaders
Saturday 27/07/2013, 12:02

Check pages with

offline GULLA RW Titan Reissende Woelfe
Saturday 27/07/2013, 15:23

1- how can i go back to the homepage?I think there is a button missing.
2- please make avatars in the "public profile" at least double size as current (non beta version) ...not half size -_-

But very good changes! smiley

offline GULLA RW Titan Reissende Woelfe
Saturday 27/07/2013, 15:46


here a small photomontage how I would love to see the public profile (left is a selfmade avatar no random ur pic)

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