[RECR] Looking for new members / FRIENDS OF FATE

Thursday 01/08/2013, 22:06

We are looking for active players who want to be part of a guild that will take the time to answer your questions and use our experience to help you advance to new levels all while having fun. We are lvl 28 have 300+ members who play the game with integrity and respect.

Friends Of Fate

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Friday 02/08/2013, 02:21

Http://urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_Friends Of Fate
Friends of Fate

Tuesday 06/08/2013, 06:33

Always looking for new members. You wont be disappointed.

Wednesday 14/08/2013, 17:06

Come. Check us out.

Thursday 15/08/2013, 01:32

Hey idk should i join you?

Friday 16/08/2013, 02:26

Of course, you should. We are a good guild and everyone is welcome to see if we are the right fit for them.

Thursday 22/08/2013, 00:19

Any good players looking for a good guild?..you found it!

Sunday 01/09/2013, 11:12

Come one, come all.

Sunday 01/09/2013, 22:56

What are the benifits of joining here?

Wednesday 04/09/2013, 16:23

Lots of benefits. Full guild bonuses with experienced members who can help guide you and answer your questions. Just to name a few obvious ones.


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