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Sunday 04/08/2013, 06:22

Well the cards i have to trade are:
Ayah 0xp
8x Ayzkub (4 full 4 0xp)
2x Bankee (1 full 1 0xp)
23x Brampah Noel (15 Full 8 0xp)
12x Eliska (2 full 10 0xp)
10x Hakunak (2 full 8 0xp)
11x Mikaal (8 full 3 0xp)
54x Mylka (42 full 12 0xp)
3x Niqiloda (1 full 2 0xp)
2x Thorpah (2 0xp)
2x Titsouk (2 0xp)
Tsuka 0xp

The cards im looking for are:
Crs: Sylth Cr Jane Ramba Cr Chikko Cr Blaaster Cr Kreen Cr Seldnor Cr Smokey Cr Dalhia Cr Caelus Cr
normals: Aurora Kerry Praxie Jay Lin Xia Tsubame Bloodh Charlie Dregn

Also im looking for severl copies from:

offline zodiaco22 Guru  
Tuesday 06/08/2013, 00:20


offline zodiaco22 Guru  
Tuesday 06/08/2013, 00:48

Trades done, i dont have anymore
1 ayzkub 0xp
1 bankee 0xp
1 brampa noel 0xp
1 elizka 0xp
1 hakunak 0xp
1 mikaal full
1 mylka 0xp
1 niqiloda 0xp
1 thorpah

i dont look for kerry or aurora anymore

offline zodiaco22 Guru  
Tuesday 06/08/2013, 09:19

Ok not looking for dregn, charlie, jay or praxie anymore

offline zodiaco22 Guru  
Wednesday 07/08/2013, 01:10

Well trades done i have no thorpah left.

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