offline XC-MerLiN Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Sunday 04/08/2013, 15:09

Dear game designers,
I think we can do with at least 2 more leaders now that we have new abilities. One of my earlier campaigns for a high level Sakrohm SOA has borne fruit, so decided to press my luck further smiley
Now that we have at least 3 new abilities (Reprisal, Protection Power, Protection Damage), can't we have at least 2 more leaders, preferably the Reprisal Leader (preferably a 7/4 with Reprisal: Team +3 Power as ability, just the reverse of Ambre, but with 1 more power because Reprisal is less often used than courage)
a Protection Leader, preferably Protection Power (because otherwise a whole host of DRs will fall in the market), working the same way as Fixit can, against cards like Caelus.
So all members, what say?
We can arrive at a consensus and can forward our suggestions to UR admin and see what happens smiley

offline hashburki Guru REIGN OF THE SUPREMES
Friday 09/08/2013, 17:45

The reprisal leader +3 power with stats 6/4 is fine. smiley
the protection power is also good to go but might not see much use. I'm guessing it would only be preferred when Harrow ld is up for grabs.
It would be good to see a better vholt version DR 7/4 team: -2 opp damage min 1 (something along these lines.)
i can think of a 7/5 team heal: 1 max 16
or a poison 7/5 team poison : 1 min 1

Anyways i'd love to see new leaders.

offline hashburki Guru REIGN OF THE SUPREMES
Friday 09/08/2013, 17:47

^Poison and heal would stack with other poison and heal cards.

offline XC-MerLiN Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Sunday 11/08/2013, 10:45

I have solid reason to believe that the staff is considering a Reprisal leader.
Regarding the stats, -3 power min 6 is lame. Make it min 5, and the leader himself, a 7/3 card.
What do you say?

offline Monty XX Titan Heaven Destroyer
Sunday 11/08/2013, 11:24

I would like to see a leader with ability: +3 pillz after 2 round...

This will change all the strategies and will decrease the number of 50-50 games.

offline Pilluminati Titan URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 11/08/2013, 14:50

A 7/3...are you sure people would go for such low damage on a leader,even if it does have reprisal?At least give it 4 damage,3 is just not funny.

offline Wakayama3 Titan The United Fans of Homestuck
Sunday 11/08/2013, 15:32


Hate 50/50 games smiley

offline TGAP-Trixie Senior  
Sunday 11/08/2013, 19:05

Give it 10 power if you're gonna go 3 damage smiley

offline XC-MerLiN Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Sunday 11/08/2013, 21:40

Trixie: It ain't upto the leader card, but his team members, to win the game. So 7 is ample. 7/4 would be generous.

offline Dexwell Imperator  
Sunday 11/08/2013, 22:19

A power reduction with anything below min. 6 would be too much. So many cards coming out now even with low stars have 7/8 power, sometimes walls getting that clan bonus of +2 power. I think min.6 would be just fine, considering all of the att./power manipulation clans. Plus you have to take into account since there is no way to stop a leader's bonus right now, unless your opponent has high powered cards, coupled with power manip. all they'd be playing with is 5 power max. Way too OP if you ask me. Min. 6 would be a much better value. If it was min. 5 it needs to be conditional. I would say Courage over Reprisal in this case. Maybe Revenge.

offline Myeltd Titan Limit Break
Sunday 11/08/2013, 22:39

New idea: 8/3 5-star leader with the ability "team: +1 power and damage and backlash: -1 life min 3" smiley

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