offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Monday 05/08/2013, 11:56

Before you guys start bashing me blah they are weak against SoB/SoA blah STOP and think about it!

Huracan, no doubt has easily one of the best bonuses in game especially ELO. Rescue hands down had the best bonus, but Huracan now bests the limit by starting at a WHOPPING +14 attack. Also, its almost a joke that they don't even have to be used in mono, half decks make the best combinations, coupled with something defensive like Jungo/ Pussy or wtv they can work great. By starting with an advantage like this, it is actually incredibly EASY to keep on the advantage and not losing the edge on your bonus, keeping that +14 attack for 1 or 2 more turns.

Comparison with other +/-attack clans: Makes other clans seem like a joke, only montana/uppers come CLOSE~

Anyway, enough with the bonus, lets look at the cards and synergy.

Zapatino: easily one of the best 2*s, in the game with support of its bonus. 2* counterpart ivy (considered a good card), she has a least potent bonus (in most cases) and a higher minimum.. what?

Derby queen: Sorry what? You say 7/5? For a 2* with a beast bonus? Wow.. i dont care if its situational, reprisal is one of the easier activation skills.

El gascaro: Good card, but ability is almost broken together with bonus. And your opponent has to block too, 6 damage is no easy deal.

El matador: Great stats, solid ability albeit situational again works well with bonus.

Continued on the next post..

offline RobFord_ Hero  
Saturday 07/09/2013, 21:30

We should all band together as a community and boy cot the huracan

offline Spikey 13 Guru Comfort In Sound
Saturday 07/09/2013, 22:13

This clan is basically a repeat of the Jungo... Soon their 5* will be banned

offline EAClintFighter Guru  
Sunday 08/09/2013, 10:02

I think my hand may have been the ultimate Huracan krytonite.


El Divino and Kinichaw were harmlesssmiley

offline EAClintFighter Guru  
Sunday 08/09/2013, 10:05


offline Kefalo Imperator Casual Grind
Sunday 08/09/2013, 13:15

I'm pretty sure UR management was in RELLY dire straits when they sat down to decide on the overall plan for this clan. I think there was a board meeting somewhere and they just went all out with trying to "fix" everything that led to player bleed and loss of revenue.

Last 2 clans had difficult to associate with / all over the place identity? Throw all the latinos out there a bone and give them a latino clan!

Been a long while before there were trully OP cards out there so new players can't get lucky and score one? Go full retarded at any * level! (Fits with mechakolos, plizken, raven and all that).

Frozn and Berserk not selling packs? Make every other booster a bag of clintz as long as it has Hurracan in them! And make the cards way above curve so it stays that way and doesn't collapse after the first Cr's like Berserk (and vortex did).

Need people to buy more boosters? Make everything rare to lessent the drop rate a bit! (La calavera could've been uncommon as is, and so could've Tabasco Fire. Plus, La Cobra and Pandagran are fine, fine cards but they're competing with cheezy at least untill the bans roll in).

I'm not saying OP, but the clan was designed by people in suits in a bussiness meeting. It's going to cause problems down the road for sure - whatever they release as commons and uncommons is going to have compete for slots with stuff that is pretty much ideal in any setting. (more in 2nd post)

offline Kefalo Imperator Casual Grind
Sunday 08/09/2013, 13:27

You may yell Noctezuma OP, Kinichaw OP, El Divino OP, but the thruth is that i'd have to think really hard before I let any of them replace Lumber Jack in my deck. I don't think they can print competition for Lumber Jack at all, unless it was a Jackie Cr who is also known as Hawk.

How can you print a rival to Derby Queen? Is there a serious alternative to El Gascaro? How about El Zombino who is also everywhere in Tourney's. Anyone got problems with El Cactus, El Zombino, Derby Queen and Mr Pollo half-deck? 10* that can kick too much ass, with possible inclusion of Magistrado in place of the cactus, and any good 2 in place of Mr Pollo (can't immagine why, really, he's mini Kinichaw against the SoA that Hurracan fear so much - 2* Stop cards generally aren't used much, but this guy is just awesome).

Then you can use your 15+ stars to half deck any fat you want except you can just go for El Gascaro, Lumber Jack, Wonder Lana and the 3* which you didn't choose from El Cactus and Magistrado, or simply splash Plunk in or something.

And that's not even touching the subject of going over 25* for tourneys, or going 3 2* with Zapatino and either Noctezuma or Kinichaw. And at least Lobezna is underrated, while I haven't even mentioned La Cobra, Pandagran and... El Matador.

in other words, you could ban the really, really OP stuff and still have a bloody strong full deck. And a bloody stupid half-deck. This isn't power creep, it's setting the stage to justify across the board nonsense.

offline Kefalo Imperator Casual Grind
Sunday 08/09/2013, 13:32

As a closing word, I really hope they simply don't give them a SoA or a SoB. They don't need it.

offline wats_happenin Colossus Casual Grind
Sunday 08/09/2013, 14:59

Fang Pi/Pussycats bye bye huracan

offline neo_08ms Master knights of oblivion
Sunday 15/09/2013, 07:55

Noctezuma ohko Fang Pi, you were saying?
I mean it's like just bluff with Kinichaw and then ohko.

offline Melchiah 8 Guru Light's Hope fighters
Thursday 22/05/2014, 09:35

I propose devs start paying attention to what an op clan they created and nerf it a bit so this game is fair and still playable by all clans. They can change their bonus so that it says:"+1 attack per health left. max+10" . so,they will still have a pretty powerful bonus that can be used in mono decks as well. I mean, what's the point of a game having so many different clans to play with, but make one this strong?Not only can they beat wayyyy more clans than other clans can,they have an unfair advantage in lots of game modes as well.Rescue are strong,but with a mono deck and in >25 star formats.Rescue kinda suck in elo though, but Huracan on the other hand have strong cards for >25 formats as well as a plus 2 attack in elo mode. They have plus 60 attack in training mode ( -_- ) and a huge advantage in survivor mode coz the more you advance, the less pills you get but also more life points.More life points though means more attack for hurracan. Ok, i know what many of you will say, just quit this game and go play hearthstone, but before you do just remember that there isn't an android version of hearthstone yet lol

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