offline Boing Legend  
Friday 09/08/2013, 11:07

As the first festival gets under way in Clint City, this year nothing will be quite like it used to be! What with the Huracan clan transforming a concert into a wrestling ring, the Freaks' displays of force and a Jungo member calmly stirring a cup of tea in the park, it seems like the month of August is going to be anything but boring. The level 4 Huracan member, El Mercurio, has just delivered his greatest hits accompanied by level 3 character, Belly Buster. Meanwhile, level 2 Jungo gentleman, Flint, tries to inflict tea-time on the far from patient level 5 Freaks member, Hindelga.Get these characters in the shop's packs.5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Newblood missions by clicking on the Missions tab.

offline Myeltd Titan Limit Break
Saturday 10/08/2013, 00:20

I partially agree with that screx. Perhaps a 2-star or 3-star 8/2 or 7/4 respectively with "defeat: recover 2 pills out of 3" could help alleviate their weakness.

offline Dexwell Imperator  
Saturday 10/08/2013, 03:59

Screx hit the nail on the head. Game play with them is influenced by the first few turns. Even with their bonus, you still have to win those rounds and save some gas for the last few rounds to win the game if your opponent has a nice hand. A 2/3* heal card like Myeltd suggested would be nice and certainly help save on stars which I think is their main problem.

offline Frowns Imperator At the End of the World
Saturday 10/08/2013, 13:05

Belly Buster could potentially be used to scare your opponent into overpilling. Or going for surprise KOs.

(I know she looks pretty hopeless, just trying to find uses...)

offline Goyo Emperor Hero Hip Hop Messiahz
Saturday 10/08/2013, 15:03

When huracan was released I was hoping to see a parody on real wrestlers like Mankind or Kane and what do I get a flying burger (not to mention that it's useless) smiley

offline Dexwell Imperator  
Saturday 10/08/2013, 17:50

I was thinking a +pillz card might do some good. 2/3* preferably and maybe courage based.

offline James Chape Titan Masters of Battle
Saturday 10/08/2013, 20:21

If only this flying burger could be a 7/4 instead....

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Saturday 10/08/2013, 22:03

@Myeltd, I'm not sure that's a good idea. I mean, if you win the first 2 rounds with matador and kinichaw, you're almost gauranteed a 3rd hit.

@{OvO}, I mentioned the heal card...

While Huracan doesn't struggle with early game(12-15 attack gain), you certainly have a lot to consider. Such as optimizing zapatino/Tabasco/Cobra's poison or going for life gain to strengthen bonus. The clan can expect to sruggle against sob(even the burger), and poison can do a number on the clan. Even if greem will pill 3 more than matador, that will be sufficient to hinder your opponen's bonus. Not to mention olga or cyb. Ultimately, this clan is predictable, weak to poison or sob, some are weak to soa, but if set up correctly, this clan can be devistating.

offline Dexwell Imperator  
Saturday 10/08/2013, 23:29

You did mention a heal card, a 4* heal card where as Myeltd suggested a 2/3* card. I really think they could use a 2/3* heal card. You hit another point again, the clan is predictable. They have a few standouts that make them tough to beat, but not many cards that I would consider good support, even with the bonus. A 2/3* heal or +pillz would give them some nice support from a lower star.

offline Pilluminati Titan URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 11/08/2013, 15:13

Look,if you guys want a broken huracan card so much,give them a card with protection attack,as i've said repeatedly before now.And to be fair,im not sure when people started turning on la cobra and i don't really care much,but i seem to recall her being pretty decent for a heal,and a pill manipulator wouldn't be too bad,but i don't know,you guys probably will get something like deea instead of dagg,so i don't know.

offline Wackojacko0 Imperator Anime lovers 101
Saturday 17/08/2013, 10:43

Freaks need a decent SOB please ? smiley

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