Thursday 22/08/2013, 13:06

You all know who we are.
If you haven't heard about us, don't bother to read the rest.
We are recruiting 10 members who come close to our ELO requirements, but couldn't quite make it, hence waiting by the side.
Well, we will give you a chance to enter E X C A L I B U R, stay and study and work, and fight shoulder to shoulder with the best of the best, and I am sure your gameplay will improve vastly.
If you make it within a month of recruitment, you can stay as permanent member, else, you need to go back home.
We are a dead serious guild, hence only relevant posts will be entertained. Trolling of any kind will be reported as it is against and violations will be recommended for further action.
Only Excalibur members, our guild friends, and prospective recruitees, may comment in this thread.
Thank you.

edited by W M Daexen thursday 22/08/2013, 13:06

Tuesday 19/11/2013, 19:21

Bogaman reach 1400 elo and you can join Penumbra smileysmiley

Tuesday 19/11/2013, 19:26

Advertising on another guilds thread?

Tuesday 19/11/2013, 21:45

Hahahahah, bogaman cleary said he wants to join an ACTIVE english guild not significantly addressing E X C A L I B U R and this is a free to post thread. Since Penumbra is an ACTIVE ENGLISH GUILD I simply said he could join Penumbra after meeting th requirements. So mate, calm ya tits ye smileysmiley

Tuesday 19/11/2013, 22:14

But my tits are excited smiley

Tuesday 19/11/2013, 22:16

Let me calm them for ya smileysmiley

Wednesday 20/11/2013, 22:18

Okay, XC recruitment thread is officially handed over to Don for recruiting people to Penumbra. smiley
Don, Ddon't worry, you are always welcome to scavenge here for our rejects, for your guild. smiley
Oh God, Mystiq, my good friend might have wept! smiley

Wednesday 20/11/2013, 22:20

XC recruitment thread has become a beacon for all English speaking guilds except for XC itself smiley

Wednesday 20/11/2013, 22:27

I am happy, because since I have gone back to work (pimping; yeah why not? After Flowers, it's Cameron's turn, I can't be here full time. smiley

Friday 22/11/2013, 22:43

Thank you ever so much merlin smiley

Saturday 23/11/2013, 09:21

But I didn'd link the twitter thread... so don't thank me, Don, though it's awfully nice of you smiley


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