Favorite ld?

Saturday 10/08/2013, 22:36

Hello everyone!
the question i would like to ask is
what is your favorite ld?
in terms of bio ablity sncergy
like Jaxx Ld ^_^
P.S im not talking about stats, for all you people:cool:

Tuesday 13/08/2013, 01:20

Bonnie Ld for me.

Saturday 17/08/2013, 12:48

I'm a fan of Futoshi Ld.
for personal reasons...
although it would be more personal if he were in the Junkz clan.

Saturday 17/08/2013, 17:16

Scott was a disappoint ment but I like playing with him I don't know why. I quite like magistrate cause of his back story kind of like a game I played. Thank you for feedback :D

Friday 23/08/2013, 23:57

Valentina Ld even though I haven't really played with Sentinel yet. She looks like a solid card, and her artwork is cool.

Saturday 24/08/2013, 12:33

Futoshi Ld.

Street Fighter reference? Yes.
"Legendary art"? Yes.



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