offline RobFord_ Hero  
Tuesday 20/08/2013, 05:07

Why is xu52 only temp banned and lou is perm banned? this is confusing me

offline KingPio9697 Titan Harbingers of Ares
Tuesday 20/08/2013, 05:33

Roots seem to be a stronger Soa clan

offline TGAP-Trixie Senior  
Wednesday 21/08/2013, 00:48

Staff hates roots

offline BombMonkey Titan Time Conquers All
Wednesday 21/08/2013, 00:53

Lots of generally solid (7 powered, 4-5 damage) cards verses the 6-7 powered and more ability reliant Gheist.

offline Thai_231 Veteran 3LO MA$T3R
Wednesday 21/08/2013, 17:17

Roots has more defensive cards (Yookie, Jeena, Arno, Flora) and more attack manipulation (Rico, Gertian, Jeto, Miken Moose) than GHEIST, so if they have Lou in Elo, encounter them will be like you play against Junkz, GHEIST and Pussy Cat at the same time.
But now using Roots become more and more difficult, UR give Yookie back, but take both Jeena and Gertian from us. So Roots now is not as heavily defensive as it used to.

offline WMDuessel Guru Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 22/08/2013, 08:50

Try not to look at bans as only a testament to the strength of a certain card. There are absolute crap cards that are banned for the sole purpose of weakening the clan as a whole, and not because the card is particularly overpowered.

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