Tuesday 20/08/2013, 18:14

Wise Men Distracted

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... A chick named Kate stumbled across a guild unlike any she had ever encountered. After a brief conversation over some wings and beers, she quickly realized these were not the typical noob guilds she was accustomed to dealing with. These guys were smart and saavy, cool and collected, rich and beautiful... basically the most interesting guild in the world! They had mastered every facet of the game called Urban Rivals, and probably life too. And what's more, they were incredibly humble... Well Kate knew instantly that she just HAD to join this guild somehow. After years of arduous training (and hazing), she finally was able to call herself a proud member of Wise Men Distracted. And all was good for many years, until one day the Wise Men found out that Kate was a cheating little tramp who betrayed WMD by secretly awarding Cr's to noobs that didn't deserve them. Can you believe it?! So the Wise Men used their Wise Powers and transformed Kate into a lvl 1 noob, and banished her from all guilds permanently. Nobody ****'s with WMD!

We are wise (most of the time), men (and women! - still looking for 3-gendered aliens to join), and distracted (not that distracted... oooh... I have another life in Candy Crush... be right back)...

care to join us?

Send your inquiries along with a 100K clintz processing fee to your favorite WMD admin (processing fee waived for appropriately wise and unwise, distracted and not-so-distraced applicants).

Thursday 07/11/2013, 16:42


Thursday 07/11/2013, 20:17

Not Blacklist smiley
Daexen, either you merge WMD with XC and accept me as founder, or I am gonna approach Merm with the details of your illegitimate children.
24 hours.
Divorce or guild?
Merm or these two imps DAEXEN and Daex?
Your decision. smiley

Thursday 07/11/2013, 20:20

Merl, we all know you wouldnt do that smiley

Thursday 07/11/2013, 20:22


Thursday 07/11/2013, 20:27

I did that with Babs and he agreed to secretly hand over TnT to me, why should you expect anything else from me smiley
I am like our president. Accepts the Nobel peace price with my left hand while my right hand is on my joystick...kids, don't get too excited... controlling the Predator smiley

Thursday 07/11/2013, 20:38


Thursday 07/11/2013, 20:47

OreoInfy, you pessimist invert your horizontal bracket 'smiley' and make it a real 'smiley' and be happy smiley

Thursday 07/11/2013, 20:50

If one hand is on the nobel prize and the other is on your joystick how do you play the game smiley

Thursday 07/11/2013, 20:55

Fuckin Bauldy! You alive? smiley
I'm happy, bro, thought the perversion with the deers went horribly wrong or something!
Oh thank God, praise him, hallelujah!
You almost gave me a heart attach since i didn't seeya online around 7, and was about to call 999.

Thursday 07/11/2013, 21:02

Today was hide the ferret day, Little bastard took ages to find. smiley


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