Miss Clint City 2013

Wednesday 21/08/2013, 10:50

This is time for Miss Lizbeth to put back in play her Miss title.
Who will receive the3 honors and your favour in 2013 ?

The election will take place in two steps:

1 - August 21 to August 31, election of eight finest contenders for Miss Clint City in 2013.
2 - September 2 to September 15, the Miss Clint City in 2013 among the eight contenders.

To vote for the first part, please visit the following page

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Monday 02/09/2013, 18:15

I think its time for Pussycats to win the title ;3

Monday 02/09/2013, 18:26

I voted for the most expensive card, like I always do in hopes that it will bring the price down. So Kinichaw for me...

Monday 02/09/2013, 18:27

Love how Florida Jane was first on that list :cool:

Monday 02/09/2013, 19:33

How did Minerva and Morgane beat my Willow? lol

Malicia all the way for me now :)

Monday 02/09/2013, 19:49

I'm hoping that it isn't one of the Huracan that win, just because they are so new. Next year I'm all for them though. Also, I don't wan't Morgane to win, since we already had a Piranas Miss Clint City (the last one, in fact). So, for me, it's between the other 4, and I'm not sure which I want to win. Though I think that the name Miss Lady would be kinda funny.

Monday 02/09/2013, 20:08

MADELEONE FOR DA WIN! ^__^^__^^__^^__^^__^^__^^__^^__^:madeup:

Monday 02/09/2013, 20:09

Madelone FOR DA WIN! :madeup::nosey::nosey::nosey::nosey:

Monday 02/09/2013, 20:21

Just remember not to be biased. Don't vote for a card to get a cheaper version, don't not vote for a card because it's too new, but rather vote for the card which exhilarates the most physical beauty, which of course, is La Cobra :dork:

Don't be biased, vote for La Cobra ^__^

Monday 02/09/2013, 20:22

Come on you guys keep Quirkilicious straight wins conitnue and vote for Lady!! :love::kawaii::madeup::eek::thumbsup:

Monday 02/09/2013, 20:30

Vote for Madelone! :*:


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