offline Saga Admin Renegats
Wednesday 21/08/2013, 18:08

This is time for Miss Lizbeth to put back in play her Miss title.
Who will receive the3 honors and your favour in 2013 ?

The election will take place in two steps:

1 - August 21 to August 31, election of eight finest contenders for Miss Clint City in 2013.
2 - September 2 to September 15, the Miss Clint City in 2013 among the eight contenders.

To vote for the first part, please visit the following page

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offline Steven__req90 Hero  
Tuesday 03/09/2013, 12:31

Support Minerva plzzz hahahahaha

offline Steven__req90 Hero  
Tuesday 03/09/2013, 12:34

I dont mind Derby Queen 2 cuz she might be cheap as well as Minerva smileysmiley

offline Eloxia Titan D-Versified
Tuesday 03/09/2013, 14:08

Malicia or Florida Jane

Don't let Lady win just because of her artist smiley

offline ets-legends Hero  
Tuesday 03/09/2013, 14:14

Minerva for the stoneness and 10/4 (-2)
I would love to see her miss form.

smileyGod Bless You All smiley

offline Le Formidable Hero  
Tuesday 03/09/2013, 17:58

Oo plz Derby Queen is the best and you know this

offline Le Formidable Hero  
Tuesday 03/09/2013, 18:24

Why in the vote section its morgane ????????????????????????????

offline Le Formidable Hero  
Tuesday 03/09/2013, 18:32

Minerva in any case no , neither Florida Jane have no change , Kinichaw has too much competition , Madelone woul win hard , the real fight is between Lady Malicia La Cobra and Derby Quenn but i know that Derby Queen will win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

offline laggten Imperator  
Tuesday 03/09/2013, 20:30

Must have lolasmiley

offline Hard_Kore Master Over The Horizon
Tuesday 03/09/2013, 21:39

To tell the truth I don't like any of the choices

offline dust25 Guru TRiNiTY
Tuesday 03/09/2013, 22:08

Derby Queen is obviously going to win

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Clint City, night.