offline Saga Admin La Congrégation de l'Ombre
Wednesday 21/08/2013, 18:08

This is time for Miss Lizbeth to put back in play her Miss title.
Who will receive the3 honors and your favour in 2013 ?

The election will take place in two steps:

1 - August 21 to August 31, election of eight finest contenders for Miss Clint City in 2013.
2 - September 2 to September 15, the Miss Clint City in 2013 among the eight contenders.

To vote for the first part, please visit the following page

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offline L4F-Bourbon Colossus ☨ La FAMILIA ☨
Wednesday 21/08/2013, 14:33

Miss Stalfhaust or Miss Brianna! smiley

offline - Pillman Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 21/08/2013, 14:35

Miss Raven or Miss Kinichaw that will be awesome smiley

offline Baekhyun_SW Hero the shockwaves
Wednesday 21/08/2013, 15:06

C'mon Miss Lady or Miss Derby Queen!! smiley

offline --CENTURION-- Guru Galaxy rivals
Wednesday 21/08/2013, 15:12

Miss Derby Queen or Miss Avola!

offline Poison Ivy89 Veteran  
Wednesday 21/08/2013, 15:18

There are 3 pussycats in this years competition Leela, Malicia, and Florida Jane. And Malicia should be the first Pussycat Miss Clint City! Avenge Diana (who placed second in last year's competition)!

offline arcueid_14 Imperator  
Wednesday 21/08/2013, 15:19

Gatuchica smiley

offline Zaleb6877 Guru Bugatti Guild
Wednesday 21/08/2013, 15:21

Really, anything by quirky will be a good choice. My vote goes to Lady, La Cobra or throw it old school with Esmeralda. Or maybe Pyro.

offline Zaleb6877 Guru Bugatti Guild
Wednesday 21/08/2013, 15:24

Double post, but what about Eliska? Or Katja? Or Saho?

offline -Levi Guru  
Wednesday 21/08/2013, 15:25

Miss lady !! smiley

offline --FR-- Imperator  
Wednesday 21/08/2013, 15:25


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