Friday 23/08/2013, 11:09

Silence! Tonight the Pile Tower sees the arrival of the great…the holy…the immense…El Divino!, accompanied by his loyal assistant, Irwigo! These enemies of tyrannical forces have come to restore peace to the streets of Clint City!Discover these two, level 2 and 5 Huracan members, all set to bring down the rule of La Junta with Davis first in line. Meanwhile, level 4 sea-life specialist, Noland has joined the Ulu Watu to share his laidback know-how with them.Get these characters in the shop's packs5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Newblood missions by clicking on the Missions tab.

Friday 23/08/2013, 13:37

Have we had a minimum of 2 cards from Huracan each week from releases, since its been released?

Friday 23/08/2013, 13:39

El Divino: yet another card murdered by Naginata. smiley

Friday 23/08/2013, 13:45

What's up with these low quality release animations lately ?

Friday 23/08/2013, 13:47

OMG, they didn't mention Davis' level smiley. How are we gonna know now smiley ?

Friday 23/08/2013, 14:00

Awesoe yes and i guess that's because almost all cans have more than 45 characters so UR staff gives more cards to the new clan i wonder why they didn't gave Frozn 2 cards each releasesmiley

Friday 23/08/2013, 14:05

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE need a good 2 star Frozn!!!!!

Friday 23/08/2013, 17:55

Windzy us a Great 2*. Titsouk is ok And all the other are extrem with Bonus...

Friday 23/08/2013, 18:30

Huracan is officially only 2 cards away from catching up to Frozn.
And how much longer has the Frozn clan existed? smiley

Friday 23/08/2013, 18:35

Irwigo: Great 2* card, pillz recovery...and you can't beat Mario!
El Divino: Unique ability, possibly OP, not as good as I thought he would be though
Davis: Meh. 8/5 with protection
Noland: Competition

Friday 23/08/2013, 20:19

How 'bout more Senitnel cards?


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