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Friday 23/08/2013, 11:09

Silence! Tonight the Pile Tower sees the arrival of the great…the holy…the immense…El Divino!, accompanied by his loyal assistant, Irwigo! These enemies of tyrannical forces have come to restore peace to the streets of Clint City!Discover these two, level 2 and 5 Huracan members, all set to bring down the rule of La Junta with Davis first in line. Meanwhile, level 4 sea-life specialist, Noland has joined the Ulu Watu to share his laidback know-how with them.Get these characters in the shop's packs5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Newblood missions by clicking on the Missions tab.

offline K475U Titan Harbingers of Ares
Monday 26/08/2013, 12:05

Hey guys about El Divino if i play him in first round use 5 pillz then his ability is +12 or +7?

offline Signomi Titan D-Versified
Monday 26/08/2013, 13:45

+12 it only calculates the pillz he had at the beginning of the match, not used. It's pretty crazy

offline Decade2010 Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Monday 26/08/2013, 14:45

I think we need another decent banger I mean the last decent one was beeboy

offline Decade2010 Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Monday 26/08/2013, 14:45

And that was like a year ago

offline ultratopas Titan URBAN MADNESS
Monday 26/08/2013, 15:02

Bangers don't need a card they have many good 5* and 4* and if there would be a new 2* or 3* it still would be not usefull because bangers is crap in ELO

offline princekhlil12 Titan Past Present and Future
Monday 26/08/2013, 15:52

So now Huracan is Pill/Life/Atk Manipulator?????
Are you guys serious!!!
We have been asking for damage reducer for Berzerk and Frozn for years now.
What we got Rad and Konrad is not even close too be useable.

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Monday 26/08/2013, 17:12

One, el divino does not make a pill manipulation clan.
Two, rad is more than useful. And konrad is too in the right hands.

offline joseph_27 Imperator DL's Knights
Monday 26/08/2013, 19:25

When will they have the assasin's creed preference?

available James Chape Titan Masters of Battle
Tuesday 27/08/2013, 01:29

Idk why,but the image quality at the advertising from the top page made the characters look like something made from Team Chman smiley

offline Decade2010 Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 27/08/2013, 01:47

@ultratapos the bangers still have have worse 5 five stars then ulu watu only amazing one is shann beeboy willy is too circumstancal gheist is quite common and they haven't got a single 8 base powered card numar serena hikiyousan nanook eddie tanaereva cr hardly any decent att manip stanly noland and no decent life manip cough cough eddie oraya numar also compare bangers dr to ulu watus drs its nice that bangers are going down a pill manip road but arguably shann is the only good pill manip card

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