Sunday 25/08/2013, 08:50

Don't you just hate it when you are playing survivor mode and you manage to beat someone who is doing really well (stage 3 or 4 or higher etc) and there seems to be fair reward for it.

The way "Bounty Hunter" works is that you would get a bonus sum of clintz for beating your opponent depending on how many streak he/she was on. Lets say for example that you receive 10c per streak of opponent and you beat someone who was on a streak of 6 = 60c extra.

The survivor streak rewards are kinda pants. i'm not saying get rid of them, just enhance them so there is a reward for knocking people of their posts.

please leave you thoughts on this smiley

Sunday 25/08/2013, 19:43

For placing in the day week or month you also get credits.
But adding on bounty hunter could be a cool idea.

Sunday 25/08/2013, 21:06

No. You already have an advantage when you start out with more pillz than opponents in higher stages. You shouldn't be rewarded for winning a match you started an advantage with.

Monday 26/08/2013, 06:28

Exactly, people should almost get more clintz for beating people at lower stages, it's much harder.

Monday 26/08/2013, 19:20

Or Credits.... smiley

Tuesday 27/08/2013, 09:29

Agree with Trixie, is difficult to beat low stages, not high ones smiley

Tuesday 27/08/2013, 16:43

Monty, if you post in more English threads, i am gonna have my say in all Italian threads. smiley

Tuesday 27/08/2013, 19:43

Well you increase your streak. That's kinda winning clintz, but you have to lose at some point to get them smiley
Survivor is fine as is

Wednesday 28/08/2013, 07:46

Merl, your welcome smiley

Tuesday 03/09/2013, 15:52

Awesome idea!


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