offline Sir B00BY Legend  
Monday 26/08/2013, 06:47

Hello players!
Seeing as Secure Trade is down, I am offering you all my service of being a secure trade man! Trusted by many as a man of my word, I will handle any and all trades with ***less than 50 total cards***.
How to use me?
PM the following:
1. Trade agreed on is:
2. I am trading with: (Must give me a link/hyperlink)

After sending me the message, place your side of the trade in my private sales.
I will not do any trades until both parties have PM'd me AND sent me their cards.
**I will not buy cards until I have both players' side of the trade in my PS**

For Clintz trades:
All Clintz trades can be done via private sale to the other person. All cards not included with Clintz shall be sent to me BEFORE the private sale to the other person is complete.

Looking forward to running this service while the Secure Trade function is being fixed!
Yours truly,
Sir B00BY

offline Sir B00BY Legend  
Thursday 05/09/2013, 02:08

Trades Moderated:

Kenny Cr 0xp for Kalindra 0xp

Kiki Cr full xp for General Cr full xp

Keep the trades going!!!

offline Cyber Moderator E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 05/09/2013, 02:25

I am available to help whenever Booby isnt. Shoot me a PM. usually appearing offline.

offline Diggy928 Legend Time Conquers All
Thursday 05/09/2013, 06:05

Thanks for helping with the trade! Excellent service! smiley

offline Sir B00BY Legend  
Thursday 05/09/2013, 20:36

You're very welcome diggy! And yes thank you cyber. Our time zones seem to fit perfectly for this smiley

offline HoAzeem Colossus Harbingers of Ares
Friday 06/09/2013, 19:53

Artemis-BZ also offers this service may I add.

offline MageBlack99 Colossus THE_POWER
Saturday 14/09/2013, 01:36

WELL DONE! very happy smiley

offline bilobob987 Titan  
Saturday 14/09/2013, 01:36

Ty Sir B00By quicker then i thought it would be

offline Sir B00BY Legend  
Saturday 14/09/2013, 19:01

Thanks guys smiley

offline Scrub4Lyfe Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 14/09/2013, 22:02

Whats the limit on the amount of cards you can exchange? I have a trade pending for a 1000 copies of a card XD.

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