offline sapphire5 Hero  
Monday 26/08/2013, 17:07

Does anyone else think that this card is weak? sharon, another 3* card, has 7/3 3stars, +2 damage, but bella ld only has 5/5 3stars revenge:+2 power... revenge makes it harder to use her and i would take sharon which can be used more often(rather than only as revenge)...

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Monday 26/08/2013, 17:15

Yes, but always remember that la junta ld is even worse.

offline sapphire5 Hero  
Monday 26/08/2013, 17:33

Oh god... *rolls eyes* >_< i guess montana are really just discrimated against, huh? smiley

la junta still has their 1-shot kills, but montana has... hmm i dunno lol. (i use them though)

offline Dexwell Imperator  
Monday 26/08/2013, 22:48

Not all Lds are good. But it doesn't makes Montana unplayable.

offline Sicba Titan Open Casket
Monday 26/08/2013, 23:45

From 23 or 24 clans, only about 10 Lds are playable, from those 10 about 5 are really really good and staples, so no, Montanas arent discriminated and far behind everyone else...

offline 0 Hagans Guru ♯ Sostenidos y Bemoles♭
Tuesday 27/08/2013, 01:47

Ld playables: Harrow Ld, Futoshi Ld, Tiwi Ld, Jaxx Ld (?), Magistrado Ld, Dudley Ld, Bonnie Ld, Lois Ld, Scott Ld (?), Krazan Ld (?), Valentina Ld, Andy Ld. 12 of 24 clans... and not all are really completely useable carda. I think some like Jaxx hasnt space on the deck.
Ld really good: Futoshi Ld, Tiwi Ld, Magistrado Ld, Bonnie Ld, Lois Ld (?), Andy Ld,(?) 6 of 24 cland. Only 1 of 4 Lda are really good cards.

offline Myeltd Titan Limit Break
Tuesday 27/08/2013, 02:03

Bit of a side-question, but since this post hasn't been closed yet, does that mean we're allowed to post our own bad statement-related posts on here? Because I so have one about shoes...

offline Dexwell Imperator  
Tuesday 27/08/2013, 02:27

To say that no other Lds won't be released is a bad statement anyways. The UR team can implement any changes they want, and that includes new Lds.

offline Myeltd Titan Limit Break
Tuesday 27/08/2013, 02:29

Or the modification of existing cards, like what they did on FR with flippin murry deberty...

offline Pilluminati Titan URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 27/08/2013, 03:42

Look,nobody's making you use her,(unless you happen to like getting five credits for doing her mission),and don't even get me started on the crapload of solid cards they have to make a mono deck.Of course avola and mona are both out for elo(and thank god for that),but they have more than enough cards to ruin your day.

Besides,the card was one of the first four legendaries released,cut it some slack.

In other news,my hand is numb,and banging it against things is a really painful way of waking it up.

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