offline Kefalo Imperator Casual Grind
Wednesday 28/08/2013, 21:26

A rather persistant guy was trying to talk me into playing an ELO format match against him for a big bet. I don't knwo the guy but he was offering to bet a Guru Cr and a Kiki Cr against my 500 000 or Dwain Cr. He claimed he won them on a WoP. What would that be?

He kept trying to talk me into it, and I only got him to back off when I asked him to put them on the market so I can see them. Should I report him befort he scams someone or what?

offline J amox Titan Open Casket
Wednesday 28/08/2013, 22:25


offline Legendary_Jax Guru War Party
Wednesday 28/08/2013, 22:26

No they are not and dragon josh offered me a spalata cr if i won aginst him. i didnt do it cause that meant i had to give him dregn and X0DUS+50k. also dragon josh was in my last guild RAW TALENT but he got kicked out for scamming.

offline Kefalo Imperator Casual Grind
Wednesday 28/08/2013, 22:37

So, err, why not report him if we all know he's a scammer?

And the secure trades thing has been not working for a while now, wonder whats up with that... Anyone seen any official info or?

offline Legendary_Jax Guru War Party
Wednesday 28/08/2013, 22:39

To be honest,i do not know why he hasnt been reported yet...smiley

offline ZacharyThomas Titan Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 28/08/2013, 23:00

Not breaking any rules i dont believe if its a mutual agreement between two players,

chances are you will lose your cards if you agree to play for ante with this guy, better off not taking the risk.

offline TGAP-Trixie Senior  
Thursday 29/08/2013, 02:26

Wow, I was gonna ask if it was josh as a joke. Can't believe it really was him.

Anyways, WOPs aren't something moderators can enforce. They're not against it, but they're not for it (I think). I bet you he's been reported MANY times before, and while I'm sure some moderators have their personal opinions on actions that should be taken against him, they can't actually intervene in WOP business.

But I do gotta clarify and say what he's doing isn't a scam. Not by definition.

Should you happen to WOP josh and lose to him, and not pay him, no one will hold it against you. He just clearly doesn't care if ppl hate him. Also he made a lotto 2 days ago or so claiming he'd change, so thanks for bringing it to our attention that he has NOT changed

offline Bemmoth Titan  
Thursday 29/08/2013, 08:47

They can make betting a mode, therefore preventing scams (people will do it, so they might as well try to protect the people doing it?). Offer cards up for trade, then both players must agree what they are betting and a selected format (ELO, standard 25, or whatever format). The cards and/or clintz are put into a pool and winner takes all.

The people will then be able to know if a player really is betting, and they know the risk ('cuz the card will leave their collection and only come back if they win).

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