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This is basically an event based on a talent show. It consist of 3 main stages.
- The blind audition
- The battle
- The finals

Round 1 BEGINS when I OPEN the registration at certain specific days (24 hours). To learn about the latest information on the registration dates for this event, please join my newsletter, Cyber-holic/Cyber-holic which can be found on my profile. Once you apply for this event (waiting to be accepted), SEND me a BUSINESS PM a short description (scroll down to see Round 1 section) to convince the coaches in choosing you by turning around (Blind audition duh). I will post this on the Turcke section for the coaches to review.

Round 1 : The Auditions

- Everyone gives a short description of yourself and PM (BUSINESS) me. Only those with business tags will be considered.
- Some anonymity is required. That means no names and or obvious things in your description.
- You may ONLY include ONE of your scores in any game modes (ELO, DT, DM, Survivor).
- Lying is not allowed. Exaggeration is however allowed.
- I will post the applicant's description in the Turkce section.
- Each coach is only able to choose 14 players. If two or more coaches have chosen that same player, that player may choose his/her coach and join their team.

Round 2: The Battles I
- 1 week to play.
- The coach will put you against another person of the team and the loser will have to go home.

Round 3: The Battles II
- 7 members left per team. Coach choose 1 outstanding member to have an exemption for this round and go to round 4.
- 6 players per team this round, 3 will stay in the team by getting as much votes
- 1 week to play
- See Spanish section for voting counts

Round 4: The Battle III
- 4 players per team left in total for this stage.
- See Spanish section for voting counts
- Highest votes (1st) gets to skip Round 5.
- Last player eliminated.
- 2nd and 3rd player fight. Winner stays.
- 2 weeks.

Round 5: The Battle IV
- 2 players left in each team.
- Fight to see who gets to represent their coach.
- 1 week

Round 6: FINALS
- Total number of players in the competition excluding coaches: 4
- Coaches and their respective trainee fight it out and garner as much votes for 1st to 4th
- 1 week
- See Spanish section for voting counts




Coaches will be selected from any 4 different communities (English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Portugal, Italian, Dutch/Polish/Romana/Greeks).

To be one of the coaches, you need to have ALL OF THESE requirements. Post in the french section if you want to be coach. I need you to commit about 7 weeks to this event. Please give me any event links as evidence if you do so.

- Must be english speaking
- 1400+ ELO
- Survivor 15+ in either ELO or extended
- At least 1 DT win.
- Win at least 200k worth of prizes in an event

Coaches' Objectives:
To guide your trainee to reach the top. You are expected to give advice and groom your trainee in ELO, Survivor, DT modes, etc.
More information about the formats within each stage will be announced at a later time.

Expectations for all:
This event will be more than a 1 v 1 fight and requires you to play almost all the modes in UR when there are 2 or more people competing in a group.

I reserve the right to have the final say who deserve to be the coach.

The Voice of Clintz City

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Saturday 12/10/2013, 17:53

Sign up with your applications now! The Voice of Clintz City

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Wednesday 16/10/2013, 16:41

Join now to avoid disappointment. We are quite close to starting once I give 2nd chances to the other players who fail to make the audition! smiley

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Thursday 17/10/2013, 19:55

You wish!? smiley

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Sunday 27/10/2013, 15:43

The Voice of Clintz City

Check Polski section. Players revealed!

This is an announcement. I will open this freely to anyone without the blind audition after the 65th player who send me their description. This mean 3rd chance for anyone who didn't make the cut in the blind audition. They CHOOSE the coach from then on and you can't say no.

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