offline KAMAZON-LIFE Senior K A M I K A Z I
Saturday 31/08/2013, 12:18

Hello everyone.

I , KAMAZON-LIFE , have created a new guild called K A M I K A Z I .

It's a newly created at just level 2, but most of our very active in all formats.

We are looking for players who are active and above level 10, we are very friendly and we will organize many events in future.

Our guild is having an alliance with a high level guild. So joining our guild will be much beneficial for you. Remaining in our guild for beginning itself can be quite beneficial for you.

We are looking for advice from moderators and high-level players from other guilds. So if you see this message, please PM me if you have any advice for our guild.

Please leave a comment about this.

offline Hoatzin Veteran War Party
Sunday 01/09/2013, 10:40

2 people with the same style name are both level 11 and have had their last fight on the same day, and are both Indian...

You gotta tell me how you do that.

offline KAMAZON-LIFE Senior K A M I K A Z I
Sunday 01/09/2013, 12:14

Can you please give me some advice about how to make my guild bigger and better? I am always looking forward to players like you Hoatzin Sir B00BY ArtemisBZ who are at a high level and are moderator, event team players.

offline -FD-Ragnarok- Hero THE FANTASY DKB!!!
Sunday 01/09/2013, 13:37

I am thinking of creating an alliance with this guild because KAMAZON-LIFE asked for it. What you moderators think of it?
smiley smiley smiley smiley

offline Hoatzin Veteran War Party
Sunday 01/09/2013, 15:52

Moderators won't think anything of it, it's the guild's decision.

offline _2015_ Senior Harbingers of Ares
Sunday 01/09/2013, 18:09

To be fair, their account creation dates are apart from each other...

BUT since I wasn't mentioned in Post 12 I automatically assume they're multiaccounts now trolololol

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