Wednesday 04/09/2013, 05:17

We are the Wrath of Destiny!
We will not be stopped!
We will crush all in our path!

- lvl 10+
- English speaking(mature)
- active player or chatter

Weekly draw for players with 900+ activity!(5+ players)
And prizes for guild tournaments (10+ players)

Follow your Destiny and join today!

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Wednesday 25/09/2013, 04:38

Join now and have a chance to win Ongh, Marco Cr or Kolos!
Join now cause the prize will be this sunday!

Thursday 26/09/2013, 01:32

4 more days to join and qualify to win this weeks awesome prize!
Winners choice of Ongh, Marco Cr or Kolos!

Join today! And win a prize every week!

Saturday 28/09/2013, 03:44

Since that guy from sof brought up the whole "activity is important thing", I'd may as well mention this: wrath of destiny is the 2nd-most active canadian guild despite having just 16 members. smiley

Saturday 28/09/2013, 04:35

May I join?

Saturday 28/09/2013, 20:04

Make that 1st most active guild in the canadian rankings with 18 members!
Also 126th overall and rising quickly! At 15k guild activity this week!

Sunday 29/09/2013, 04:25

Hey every one join here today! and win a prize!
We have weekly draws!
You can only win if you are apart of the team!

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Sunday 29/09/2013, 00:14

Monday 30/09/2013, 20:25

This weeks winner was bigshadow71 winning Mechakolos !
Join now and win big !

Monday 30/09/2013, 20:39

How i join

Tuesday 01/10/2013, 02:21

Welcome to the guild mouse head,

And also here is an update for this weeks draw!
Week 5
Monday september 30th - Sunday October 6th
This week is a regular week! With the prize being La Calavera!
This week will be 800+ activity to qualify for our draw!


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