offline Skirsdag Guru Elysium Aether
Wednesday 04/09/2013, 19:07

Does coming in the top 150 of two different tournaments (both standard, say) enter you into the lottery twice?

offline Infiniti Moderator Open Casket
Monday 09/09/2013, 18:09

Dt Lottery Shane.

offline Skirsdag Guru Elysium Aether
Monday 09/09/2013, 23:52

Drat. My General Cr dream is further away now...

offline Hoatzin Veteran War Party
Tuesday 10/09/2013, 18:54

Depends. If you're a massive lucker than you may have to complete 1 dt to get it...

Otherwise then yeah, try investing or something.

offline Eric BLUFLAME Titan  
Friday 11/10/2013, 22:36

I'm fairly new to the DT scene. How often are the winners for this standard and extended DT lottery drawn?

offline mihalll7_UM Event team URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 12/10/2013, 00:10

Every day is a new lottery, two even, one for each mode

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