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Thursday 05/09/2013, 08:19

With all due respect, what in the name of all that's holy is this, dear staff ? Askai, Fei, Oshitsune, Tula, Nellie, Wheeler ... just a few examples of cards that have been modified (last picture-wise) lately. This was reverted back to normal for a while, until now. I just cannot understand what's UR's problem with the original images ... they looked perfect and this zoom-outs just ruin them. We all know that there have been other such attempts in the past, like it was with Vickie Cr. Why can't UR ever learn ? It didn't work then, doesn't now and it won't work anytime else. Plus, I feel like they're just having this bad habit of "fixing what's not broken". Now, I'm aware of the fact that they're doing things to improve the game for us, and I respect and thank them for it ... but this is obviously not the way. Sure, now a larger amount of the full artwork is visible, but it's so out-of-place, especially when contrasting with other, normal-zoomed, cards. Please, once again, turn them back to how they used to be and don't attempt the same bad move again. I mean, these are just my thoughts, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one with such opinions regarding the said topic. I can't be ...

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Friday 06/09/2013, 06:20

@ {OvO} : It looks horrible, that's the problem smiley. Yeah, they WASTED time adding useless modifications that they continuously toggle.

Score's 5-3 now smiley. Guys, yeah, it's not the end of the world ... but now they've reverted some pictures once again, but not all of those who got modified and also altered some more. This indecisiveness really bugs me. It's like they go : "Hmm, yes. Wait, no. Oh, but maybe we should. Nah, just kidding. Or maybe not ?" ... smiley.

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Saturday 07/09/2013, 04:25

Maybe there are multiple staff members with different opinions on the zoom of some cards. Some behind-the-scenes shenanigans?

There also not redrawing the artwork, just moving it a bit. There are some cards that were zoomed-out by default, like Gretchen, so I don't think it's so bad. It's odd, most certainly.

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Saturday 07/09/2013, 07:07

Well, they shouldn't really take actions each by themselves, then, right ? I mean, they are the staff TEAM. Anyhow, yeah, I know they're not redrawing. But Gretchen was made like that, and she looks alright. Same goes for the newly-release Kephren. But others, such as Nellie and Davina, who've been stretched as if someone was holding the upper and lower end and using them as a chest expander, don't look good at all. However, Randal, for example, is proof that, if they really want to, they can get t right. In any case, not all cards can be zoomed out in order to look better and I hope that whoever is making these changes takes a moment to think if the end result is neat or appears as something edited with a mobile phone. I'm not against changes, if they are for the better. But if it's just made for the sake of being made, then I don't approve, and it's not just me thinking so. Sure, there also are people who don't mind about this at all, and I have no problem with them, but I'm talking on behalf of those who do care.

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Saturday 07/09/2013, 07:10


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Saturday 07/09/2013, 07:11


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