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Friday 06/09/2013, 14:44

The days of the Pile Tower being nothing but a fighting ring are long gone. The new League launched by the Huracan clan has been kicked off with the arrival of their supreme chief. The mysterious luchador and national hero of Los Santos has finally set foot in Clint City.

Level 5, Huracan leader, Noctezuma has come to make the Government of Clint City shake in its boots. But will he get off to a flying start by crushing the underground business of Level 3, Montana member, Waller? On the other side of town, Level 4 Skeelz professor, Kephren has set out to nab all the students who skipped school to go to the rave of Level 2 Junkz techno harpist, Jarez.

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EDIT : We made a mistake with Noctezuma's Ability. We are currently fixing it.
Its Ability is not Reprisal : Copy Opp. Power and Damage but Reprisal : Copy Opp. Bonus.
We blocked and canceled all market operations on the character while we are fixing the problem.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Sunday 08/09/2013, 19:01

-_War-Boy_- - Guru - DL's Knights Português
Today at 05:48
Weird that a lot of people said that ELO will be messed up because of Noctezuma

Until now,I only saw 1 player in ELO using Noctezuma,and I won the round against this supposed broken card. Also I overpilled heavily and was at a complete disadvantage the rounds after.


TheDoomBug - Legend - Limit Break English
Today at 16:57
Because of "Due Process". You see, the staff can't ban a new card from ELO (or penalize them in DT) until they have proof that the card destabilizes the mode. The staff keep track of what clans and cards are the most played (that's how the tempban electable cards are picked), so they'll be able to spot when a card really is overused, rather than just most complained about. I mean, if they banned a card based on the release reaction, Fixit would have been banned.
Even if they suspect (or intended) the card will be too powerful, they have to give the players time to actually use it and try to counter it.

Didn't they say they test the cards before release? And not just to make sure the abilities were working the way they were intended, but also for quite an extended time period to test how good the card is?
This card wasn't meant to be balanced, it was meant to be OP. Expect an elo ban soon and maybe use him in T2 where no one really cares smiley

offline Londafettuc Titan Masters of Battle
Sunday 08/09/2013, 19:06

I actually won the match. Stop calling me dumb smiley

offline Pilluminati Titan URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 08/09/2013, 19:39

I think people care quite a lot about COB,in T2,trixie.

and i would say so,spikey,though at the time of askai's release,nobody could predict that the jungo would be as strong as they are now,(which,as i recall had a release of dreen fuzz and niva,which one could say is probably one of the highest grossing new blood releases in the game,but im saving that for another topic).

No,but the difference between that and the troompah/askai release is that noctezuma has essentially made the huracan a shoot to kill clan in elo,which means that cards like an oshitsune or mechakolos would be able to breathe a bit easier,and it would let cards like qubik disappear out of the 5 % range,unless everyone starts voting.

So if you generally use a clan who's best card is always getting 5 % ,you could always shift votes to another card,as everyone will be voting on their cards,or you could tack on your votes to them.

This is what makes noctezuma so interesting.Never mind the clan he's from,never mind his stats,never mind any of that.
What i find most interesting is the reaction to how people vote when they see him,because then,those cards who dont get banned near as much anymore,kind of owe the huracan a solid favor because he bailed them out and allowed them to hang out in elo.

Urban Rivals politics is quite interesting sometimes,i find.

offline TGAP-Trixie Senior  
Sunday 08/09/2013, 20:21

@war boy
I didn't say that (or rather edited your post to say that), but you more than likely had to overpill to beat it. Maybe you used another card to make a gap the opponent couldn't get back from and won.

Well, he'd be the equivalent of edd cr once they fix the ability, although reprisal and not courage (So maybe between edd cr and vickie cr). Even then, he'd still be somewhat shaky as in T2, they'd be getting hit HARD, and noctezuma won't always have that +12 attack.

offline TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Sunday 08/09/2013, 20:52

No need to get hostile. Are you wearing that amulet again? How is a pony on a high horse? Just because you don't play Survivor, doesn't mean that other players don't or that the staff should just abandon it. More modes to play are better for the game than just one format room. Some people prefer Survivor over ELO and want something to shake up the tight control some old clans have over the format. The staff would be pretty dumb to ignore the third most popular format.

Just because they test some things, doesn't mean they catch everything. They gave him the wrong ability for four hours (making some people think he was pathetic) and, as far as I'm aware, his Reprisal condition isn't functioning for the moment (making him more powerful). Perfection isn't a thing. Besides, the players still have to be given a chance to USE it and try to counter it. Which it sounds like Warboy did. And, even though you're making fun of him, you managed to point out one of Huracan's biggest weaknesses: they are defined by the first round. You have to treat them like you treat the Freaks.

Remember when Jungo ruled everything? How about the reign of the Ice Queen? Or Spyke weeks. This isn't new. An OP card comes out rules the roost for a while, shakes up the meta, and if it's affecting things too much for too long, it gets banned. The Bangers had their shot, so did Sakrohm. Pilluminati has it right; Huracan have a big red target painted on them now.

offline TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Sunday 08/09/2013, 21:01

@Trixie 2nd
I apologize that my post(105) opened so negatively, it was written before post 104. I type slow.

He looks to be better than Edd Cr as it's harder to hit him with a DR and he OHKO against certain clans.

offline TGAP-Trixie Senior  
Sunday 08/09/2013, 21:07

That's kinda what I meant when I said "This card wasn't meant to be balanced, it was meant to be OP. Expect an elo ban soon and maybe use him in T2 where no one really cares"

But maybe I did say something wrong. I guess I really meant to say "They're not too viable for T2. They're good, but not the best. SOB clans could just stomp all over them. Noctezuma should help out but he's no different than using vickie cr in a montana deck, who won't lose attack manipulation if they get hit hard"

"And, even though you're making fun of him, you managed to point out one of Huracan's biggest weaknesses: they are defined by the first round. You have to treat them like you treat the Freaks."

Well it depends on the cards too. Usually it'll be like facing kolos. Only difference is huracan have the added attack manipulation and can't 1HKO. Also they could just old and watch you overpill; that's never fun. Even if you manage to perfect pill against something, you'll usually be down on pillz, and they could just capitalize in later rounds, regardless of whether or not their attack manipulation was reduced. First rounds in elo were always the biggest 50/50 in "even" matches, but it gives the huracan more of an advantage. Now if their cards were usually all base 6 power, I wouldn't be complaining, but it's usually 7 powered cards, and for attack manipulation clans, that's pretty good

offline HoA Grim Titan Harbingers of Ares
Sunday 08/09/2013, 21:43


Noctezuma is still activating on any turn... Not that I mind it, keep it this way! But his ability does say reprisal and I feel like the game is too easy with a carbon copy of Vickie cr.

offline misterjones Titan Limit Break
Sunday 08/09/2013, 22:58

My guess is that, since Reprisal: Copy Opp. Bonus is a unique ability combination, there was a bug or oversight in the development process.

Either change the ability to work properly, or change the text on the card. It's extremely misleading and frustrating for the playerbase to have a card advertised to work one way, but have it work differently in practice.

offline Zero-Alucard Titan URBAN MADNESS
Monday 09/09/2013, 07:04

After playing a few rounds with Noctezuma , definitely one of thee most OP cards I have ever used....definitely on par with Vickie Cr , pretty much a close carbon copy, but I would say Copy Opp. Bonus is better than Stop Opp. Bonus.

Don't change the ability back though smiley But do make the ability work properly, i.e. the Reprisal part of it.

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