Sunday 08/09/2013, 16:17

Hello guys, I'd like to buy any Noland you guys have to offer whether they are 0 Xp or Full Xp.

0 Xp's are obviously worth more than Full Xp so I'll take that into consideration when you make me an offer.

Make me offers on this thread or in my PM please, any valuations of Nolands can be sent to my Pm.

I'll make trades with you for your Noland's with the Cr's I have, such as Robb Cr's, Dalhia Cr's, Smokey Cr's etc etc. I also have some clintz to add to my side if the Cr's aren't the ones you require.

Thanks Mods!

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Saturday 05/10/2013, 14:33

Post 31, I'm still hoping for offers!

Saturday 05/10/2013, 19:17

Must.. Sq.. Squee.. Squeeze on to ... fi.. first .. page.

Sunday 06/10/2013, 14:18

Come on guys, I still looking...


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