offline ravvel Hero  
Saturday 05/01/2008, 11:18

(Translation of the news posted by admin Fraggle on the french forum)

The staff has been thinking a lot about new ways to refresh the ELO mode and they have decided to ban 2 cards from ELO: Lamar from the all stars (an almost 8/8 with a very unbalanced record of wins/losses) and Marco from the rescue (a 9/7 with +12 attack in monoclan decks, who also has a very unbalanced wins/losses record). Some other cards from other clans could be banned but the staff prefers to wait until the introduction of new cards of similar level but more balanced.

The staff is also going to rethink a little the algorithm that determines the top 3 clans by trying to take into account the way each clan is played (mono-clan, offensive, defensive etc.)

There is also another change about the distribution of rares in ELO. The 30 rares will be given to players with an ELO score superior to 1150 at the end of the tournament instead of 1000 as it is right now.

All the changes will be in place starting Monday the 7th January and a news will be placed on the home page of the site.

Have a nice week-end

offline inci Veteran --= 'Cannibalize' =--
Wednesday 09/01/2008, 20:45

I enjoy playing ELO and each week i give it my best to get as far as i can go , it even gets scary when i reach 1300 lol
I think each move i make , i use tactics and i know i can play very well..
i dont use rescue nor pussycats which seems a lot of the top players do and it gets very frustrating at times playing against these 2 clans .. almost all players have no strategy whatsoever and they just know they can win ..
and what's up with banning lamar .. ive beaten him so SO many times only using Samantha but of course i lose against him too

the point is not everyone here depend on few good cards to play and win .. i like the cards i have and don't wanna see them banned anytime soon just cause non strategic players or players who only wanna use good cards and clans to win without playing the game well .. u wanna ban cards start by banning the cards that are used by most players or Clans.

offline T4rryT5ughman Titan Army of Darkness
Friday 11/01/2008, 00:21


This was a shock to me as a long time underrated player to see Lamar and the "newbie" Marco be banned from ELO. I must say this and it is clear, we must allow the metagame to evolve. I, for one, applaud the efforts of the staff to keep upping the stakes of the game. To make it more challenging as many players are learning how to work the game at a quicker pace more than ever before. That has to mean something. I say prepare to see more diverse and more powerfully balanced to be create in the times to come. Make your adjustments and may the better player win as it should be.


offline 0-Jade Titan  
Monday 14/01/2008, 01:38

Hi just confirming this "There is also another change about the distribution of rares in ELO. The 30 rares will be given to players with an ELO score superior to 1150 at the end of the tournament instead of 1000 as it is right now." Is this change already in effect or has it been forgotten?

offline abposse Colossus Masters of Battle
Monday 14/01/2008, 01:42

Hey just saw the ELO list, the lowest one got was at 1371 with 4 cards to kate. I thought it was suppose to be at 1150?

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Monday 14/01/2008, 02:24

Never knew Kate plays ELO smiley

offline diedsoul Master Academy of Elite team
Monday 14/01/2008, 02:32

Wat's with kate geting the cards?? This is weird.

offline LoA_Mighty Titan  
Monday 14/01/2008, 03:03

I have a feeling that players that are multi-accounting that got rewards this time were given to kate.... but thats just a guess

offline Anger_HM Hero Hueco Mundo
Monday 14/01/2008, 08:45

What?!?!? player with 1300+ only get a card now?smiley

offline DerMagus Legend Tequila Sunrise- UR
Monday 14/01/2008, 09:36

Once more I did not get Credits for my ELO games. This is more than half a dozen times now.

Please, when you already change things around in there... look that credits get distributed correctly. Having not got 12 or so credits which, according to the rules, I should have is more and more annoying. I play ELO simply to get those. It is frustrating doing it and then not getting it.

offline Anger_HM Hero Hueco Mundo
Monday 14/01/2008, 12:03

Hmm..i think that elo right now kinda uninteresting for me..first my cards got banned then kate get cards?then if i'm right all of the cards is only given to 1300+..

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