Thursday 21/08/2014, 19:57

The War Party guild has decided to take a radical step in trying to help not just the guild but the UR community as a whole.

It is well documented the number of new players coming into the game has dropped dramatically in recent times. Not only that but many new players who do join are leaving after a few days.

One contribution to this is guilds making unrealistic requirements for players of a lower level to join. So these new players get very little choice in guilds and as a result get very little encouragement to carry on. Made even worse if they apply to a guild who knocks them back without so much as a word spoken between the to. This doesn't apply to all guilds but the majority of guilds who claim a name for themselves request such things.

So as a guild we have made the decision to go the other way. We will now be actively recruiting new players to the game in the hope we can encourage them to stick with it and use it as a regular escape from the stresses of day to day life. Joining in with our active forums, Chat and all the events etc that come with being a war party member.

War Party

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Wednesday 06/11/2013, 00:23

2 Zinfrid free

Thursday 07/11/2013, 21:20

War party welcomes new players! smiley

Thursday 07/11/2013, 22:09

Yes, as one of the best En guilds in the making, we, War Party welcome you.
If you got the right attitude, we got the right place for you.
Apply now!

Thursday 07/11/2013, 22:16

Our guild is almost as good as Merlin is at hyperlinks smiley

Thursday 07/11/2013, 22:17

The other post will be taken off as I have requested an airstrike smiley

Thursday 07/11/2013, 22:20

We have access to air strikes?


I have the worst case of hemaroids that need taking care of smiley

Thursday 07/11/2013, 22:25

Why is he skilled at dealing with these sensitive matters?

Thursday 07/11/2013, 22:31

I sent the fu**** a Sentinel note, hope he takes heed smiley

Thursday 07/11/2013, 22:33

He lives!

I got a PM from him just now which was most positive.

It appears we have the beginnings of a beautiful friendship between WP and TNT. One which will hopefully blossom into a strong community of friends and lovers smiley

Thursday 07/11/2013, 22:37

Include me smiley


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