offline WP_Bauldy Titan War Party
Thursday 21/08/2014, 19:57

The War Party guild has decided to take a radical step in trying to help not just the guild but the UR community as a whole.

It is well documented the number of new players coming into the game has dropped dramatically in recent times. Not only that but many new players who do join are leaving after a few days.

One contribution to this is guilds making unrealistic requirements for players of a lower level to join. So these new players get very little choice in guilds and as a result get very little encouragement to carry on. Made even worse if they apply to a guild who knocks them back without so much as a word spoken between the to. This doesn't apply to all guilds but the majority of guilds who claim a name for themselves request such things.

So as a guild we have made the decision to go the other way. We will now be actively recruiting new players to the game in the hope we can encourage them to stick with it and use it as a regular escape from the stresses of day to day life. Joining in with our active forums, Chat and all the events etc that come with being a war party member.

War Party

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offline XC-MerLiN Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Friday 06/12/2013, 23:42

Bauldy, England does stop at Manchester smiley
Even Yorkshire, you take, we don't care, just leave us the Lake District for holidays, pleeease smiley smiley

offline WP_Bauldy Titan War Party
Friday 06/12/2013, 23:45

You clearly have a great understanding of what i mean smiley

offline XC-MerLiN Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Sunday 08/12/2013, 04:05

Sure I do, my blood brother smiley I sincerely, honestly, love you as my brother, who understands our common anguish, but the egotistical morons, why don't they understand each other?
But we are English.
You and me.
Why do we have to wy for independence?
Who from who?
Thay are separating us like India was separated from Pakisthan or Bangladesh and Afghanisthan. Why don't we understand that?
Do I need a visa to go to my friends in Thurso or Kirkwall?
WTF is this Scottish independence all about?

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offline WP_Bauldy Titan War Party
Sunday 08/12/2013, 03:30

I have always considered myself independent anyway, I consider myself Scottish not British but i also believe it doesn't matter if Scotland is run by a Scottish Government or an English one, They will mess it up for the general public either way. The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.

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offline XC-MerLiN Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Saturday 07/12/2013, 00:04

Marxist Leninist Maoist Castroist Communist smiley
Don't tell the truth, the rest will catch up on da drift smiley

offline WP_Bauldy Titan War Party
Saturday 07/12/2013, 00:07

People are to concerned about left wing and right wing if they met in the middle and accepted views from both sides we might actually get somewhere.

offline WP_Bauldy Titan War Party
Saturday 07/12/2013, 21:51

Freedom to do what we want smiley


offline Hoatzin Veteran War Party
Sunday 08/12/2013, 00:52

We are currently celebrating the release of Rebecca Black's new song, entitled 'Saturday'.

Join up for the party.

offline TGAP-Trixie Senior  
Sunday 08/12/2013, 01:25

Domte is the only one celebrating the fact that he was one of the guys in the video smiley
Everyone else is indifferent, but there's parties all the time anyways smiley

offline WP_Bauldy Titan War Party
Sunday 08/12/2013, 17:11

I don't care WHY there is a party, Just make sure there is beer and whisky and i am happy.

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