offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Sunday 15/09/2013, 15:39

Yah haven't made one in some time.

Tier 1
Huracan: Yah hands down, OP cards, OP bonus.
Freaks: Really strong atm, poison is good. Olga, bogdan, hindelga?, shazam, baldivino underrated.

Tier 2
Roots: Really underrated imo. Flora, Yookie, tuck, and personal fave, ojibway.
Junkz: REAL solid.
Rescue: Solid, even without SoA.
Sakrohm: Versatile, uranus!
Uppers: Lagging a bit, but still a highly buttkicking bonus.

Tier 2.5
Jungo: needs Ongh to be t2.
Gheist: Mechakolos. Other than that, leviatonn, arkn, hriger? SoA always useful.
All stars: Really good bonus, haven't received nice cards recently, but still solid. Need Saki.
Piranas: Needs lizbeth

Tier 3
Ulu Watu: Actually really like the clan, eddie is amazing, solid cards.
Vortex: Quite a solid clan, kinda lack a killer card.
Fang Pi Clang: Solid, lacks attack manip, SoA.
Nightmare: mm.. could be 2, but need a 5* reall bad.
La junta: Nice cards! attack manip is so needed, weak to SoA (generally)
Frozn: STOMPAH, underrated, try for yourself!
Pussycats: Really synergies with some, but a bad hand spells disaster.

Tier 4
Berzerk: Does not have a solid 5* (taylor maybe?), but actually still a highly usable clan. Lacks attack manipulation, but elvis + lola are still reasons to use the clan.
Montana: Kinda weak after avola + mona gone.
Sentinels: Yet to see a truly good 5*, SoA as well.
Skeelz: Need SoA imo, as well as 5*.

Tier 5
Bangers: Bad, beeboy is gone, terrible damage mainly.

GJ with UR on this part, clans are balanced!

offline RobFord_ Hero  
Sunday 15/09/2013, 16:30

Disagree with nightmare being tier 3, you can get a crazy good half deck with oshitsune edwin artus and pan, which could literally go with almost anything
and jungo should also be up a tier even with out ongh due to the fact you can get a solid 10* half deck with them which leavesyou plenty of room for the other side

offline misterjones Titan Limit Break
Sunday 15/09/2013, 16:38

/sets a new personal best rating with two "tier 4" clans
/lols at tier lists

offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Sunday 15/09/2013, 16:40

^In response

Yah that sure seems like a nice nightmare half, except have you considered facing a single ability SoA? only then would pan be.. half solid against it. all the other 3 are as good as dead.
Yes they are good, but they have a glaring weakness too, and need a good 5*.

Jungo: I assume jean, pegh, rodney, radek?
Jungo has GREAT 2*s, but their 3*s are just average, 4*s are average in halfs. They shine in mono, and for mono they need ongh.

offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Sunday 15/09/2013, 16:46

BTW, good job on UR, because all clans are really balanced, and tiers are really close.

Montana: hmm could be t3~ I just dont like it much, damage pretty low, and weak to SoA in general.

Bangers: its usable, could be t4?

offline RobFord_ Hero  
Sunday 15/09/2013, 16:49

Nyema over rodney and scopica/radek, this would be mainly to get in a really solid other half
as for the nightmare you could upgrade edwin to glorg, and than you got him and the other half to deal with soa

offline RobFord_ Hero  
Sunday 15/09/2013, 16:51

You also talk a lot about how some of these clans are missing strong 5* but sometimes a 5* isnt even necessary

offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Sunday 15/09/2013, 18:06

Nyema is super shaky. Any 7 power card without any sort of assistance is shaky. (Note: SoA/SoB counts as assistance)

Yah sometimes 5* is not necessary, but sometimes it is smiley. A clan like nightmare is meant to be heavy hitters, and last patch they just took away their last big hitter- karrion, which honestly isnt even overpowered.

That said, a lot of these clans can move up down +-1, nightmare is a pretty good/balanced clan as of right now.

offline _2015_ Senior Harbingers of Ares
Sunday 15/09/2013, 19:00

PC don't really have bad hands imo but if you synergize them with heavy hitting clans, then they become really good.

offline AmberRed1994 Veteran  
Sunday 15/09/2013, 19:05

Nyema's weak to everything, from attack to power +/-, SoA, SoB, DR.
Scopica will be a very good 3* to choose over Rodney, especially since the +4 life compliments Huracan bonus very well. But for that to work you'll need 2 Huracan and 2 Jungo.

Disagree that Montana is in Tier 4, Mono-tana without Avola still works since Don or Belladona works fine as replacements. While Mona is still the best 3* after Lyse Teria Cr, Moses and Oscar are still pretty solid options. The new waller also appears not bad, although Gianfranco can be another choice since the Montana bonus is guaranteed so his ability won't be wasted.

Disagree that Bangers are in Tier 5. Have performed at least 3 Elo tops with 6/2 Bangers + Skeelz, although that deck is a tad outdated. No Beeboy, but Bodenpower is surprisingly solid. However to be fair, Bangers aren't the best because of their average 6 base power and thus they rely on their bonus a lot, similar to Uppers' Rubie and Nellie, and Nightmare's Oshitsune and Edwin to keep the game even.

Frozn deserve to drop a tier or two but that is just my personal opinion.

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