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Tuesday 17/09/2013, 23:36

I value her in accordance with current market value, which at this time is about 1.2 million. My Marlysa Cr is full.

My Ideal Offer Would Include-
Splata Cr
Lamar Cr

Will Consider Offers Including-

Beltran Cr
Ombre Cr
A Award Cr
Reine Cr
Aldebaran Cr
Elya Cr
Flavio Cr
NDololo Cr
Armanda Cr
Dragan Cr
Lao Cr
Berserkgirl Cr

NOT Interested In-

ANY card not listed above
More than one copy of any given card
0 Exp cards unless you value them exactly the same as their full counterparts
Ridiculous/Lowball offers

With Secure Trade down any transaction will have to occur via Private Sale (with you sending first. I'm on the Event Team and I'm not about to scam anyone) or via the use of a third party affiliated with the staff, such as a Moderator.

PM me with offers please.

Thanks! smiley

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Monday 23/09/2013, 12:57

Still looking! I've had several offers, some of which are very reasonable, but they almost always include at least one card that I'm not looking for. Please remember I'm only looking for the stuff listed in the original post (which includes cash). PM me with offers smiley

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Wednesday 25/09/2013, 11:33

Bumping smiley

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Friday 27/09/2013, 21:53

Made a trade that I am happy with. Thanks!

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