offline Espectroscuro Colossus Le p0tager
Friday 20/09/2013, 11:52

A new luxury yacht has appeared in the port of Clint City which can only herald the arrival of a new multimillionaire in town. For the pleasure of the few but above all for the annoyance of the majority!

Find Level 5 Gradymag, the girl with the hen that lays the golden eggs, has come to return the current trend in balls to the inner circle of the Uppers. She’s certainly an odd character who needs keeping an eye on, which is exactly what Level 3 Carmen from the Sentinel clan intends to do. Meet Doug Snop too, the Level 2 Bangers dog, as well as new Rescue clan recruit, Level 4 Campbell.

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offline misterjones Titan Limit Break
Friday 20/09/2013, 16:44

Campbell- It's been shown in the past that Rescue don't need much of a nudge to return to prominence (case in point: Sue singlehandedly brought Rescue back after the bans of Elvira and Lea), and I think Campbell makes them very scary again. He's the first Rescue 4* with the excellent 7/5 base stats, and only the second Rescue with a heal ability (and Ash barely counts). His only real competition at the 4* spot is Kerry, and maybe Glosh in SOA-heavy weeks, but since Rescue are always mono, there's no reason not to run 2 4*s in a deck. Solidity, gap potential, and the clan he's in make Campbell an excellent release.

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Friday 20/09/2013, 16:46

" Bangers are moving in the direction of pill manip"
I'm pretty sure they've qualified to be one for a while now. Or is your definition of a pill manipulating clan one that can make a deck of nothing but pill manipulation?

offline Frowns Imperator At the End of the World
Friday 20/09/2013, 16:49

I just gotta say, Gradymag has some incredible art. smiley The best I've seen since Willow.

offline misterjones Titan Limit Break
Friday 20/09/2013, 16:54

Until the beginning of this year, the only pill manip cards in Bangers were Shann (banned from ELO) and Bubbles (1/2 pill recovery on defeat). Their 3 releases this year have been Blidgey, Dud Z, and Doug Snop-- all pill manip cards. I think that qualifies as "moving in the direction of pill manip" smiley

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Friday 20/09/2013, 17:02

I'm counting Raquel as a pill manip, so yeah.

And DaddySteel. Not at all, since you can't see anything behind the lens flare.

available yaoihuntresse Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Friday 20/09/2013, 22:34

Carmen Gradymag's design (especially Gradymag's final level) and I got a good laugh out of Carmen's "guns". I'm also glad the Bangers are becoming more varied as well.

offline James Chape Titan Masters of Battle
Friday 20/09/2013, 23:34

Good releases...specially because there's NO huracan this time....thank young chairs that the OP clan doesn't have new cards until now smiley

Can't wait to get the Bangers card,collection is incomplete without him

offline Myeltd Titan Limit Break
Friday 20/09/2013, 23:50

I can't believe noone has chosen to point this out yet...

the word he meant to say in the title is "heated", not "hotted". Also, the cards released are at best tier-3 fodder.

offline Kefalo Imperator Casual Grind
Saturday 21/09/2013, 02:55

Gradymag - Well, idk. Without revenge she's a 7/5 5*. The Uppers allready have the best nuke-to-att-manip ratio (Hurracan notwithstanding), and considering that SoA and no-revenge make her the worst of the playable lot I'd say the only possible thing she could be ok for is mind games. Hefty is better, Lady is a better bluff, Glen is a bigger nuke, heck, even some of the 4* look better - Kazayan and Nellie in particular. Oh, and then there's Herman too. IDK on this one.

Carmen - Eh. Strange things are staples in Sentinel (Melvin! Thomy!) so there's probably room for her. Without the ability she's just a 7/4 +8 att which... isn't too bad. Is reprisal a problem? We've never seen a reprisal SoA before, it's very interesting - she'll be good against the usual pill forcers that's for sure. And if they attack with their SoA that's either walking into one of your stop guys (nasty ones in Sentinel) or opening space for the support guys. Wow. Deffinitely not tier-3 fodder.

Doug Snop - IDK. The only really good 2* +2 pills guy imo is Bblgm who kicks a lot of ass but faces a ton of competition. Doug Snop has nothing on him - sure 9 power and all that, but the only situation where this guy actually means something in a match is if he wins with 1 pill and if he wins with 1 pill then it probably wasn't important anyway. On the other hand he could be his clans Flanagan, the "steal a cheap 3rd win" guy. Who knows.

Campbell - will be staple eventually. Dagg is.

offline James Chape Titan Masters of Battle
Saturday 21/09/2013, 03:44


Doug Snop is actually a damn great 2*. He's supposted to be used with Shann,Bubbles or Dud Z if you dare to use Bangers in elo. Besides,why are you comparing him with Bublgmm? Is Bangers a very popular clan to use with Vortex?

Just as I though....

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