offline Espectroscuro Colossus Le p0tager
Friday 20/09/2013, 11:52

A new luxury yacht has appeared in the port of Clint City which can only herald the arrival of a new multimillionaire in town. For the pleasure of the few but above all for the annoyance of the majority!

Find Level 5 Gradymag, the girl with the hen that lays the golden eggs, has come to return the current trend in balls to the inner circle of the Uppers. She’s certainly an odd character who needs keeping an eye on, which is exactly what Level 3 Carmen from the Sentinel clan intends to do. Meet Doug Snop too, the Level 2 Bangers dog, as well as new Rescue clan recruit, Level 4 Campbell.

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offline JO3SHMO Imperator Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 21/09/2013, 03:46

Dagg isn't a great comparison. When I saw Campbell, I thought of Tabasco Fire. Same base stats, attack manipulation bonuses, and similar abilities.

The difference is that Campbell has a more reliable bonus, a more consistent ability that doesn't overlap with that of a staple 2*, and less clan competition in his slot. Good card. smiley

offline -NN_Sarphyrox Imperator  
Saturday 21/09/2013, 05:26

Should it be "things are heating up in clint city?"

offline TGAP-Trixie Senior  
Saturday 21/09/2013, 07:15

I believe they used "things are heating up in clint city!" as a title before
Also rescue are bouncing back.
With rares...
I think from now on we can safely assume Rare= good card, mut have until a better one is released within its clan, uncommon= good alternative in its star class, common= don't use in any competitive game mode smiley

offline -NN_Sarphyrox Imperator  
Saturday 21/09/2013, 07:42

Oh yeah. same mistake as last time. maybe its just a glitch from translation from french to english

offline Kefalo Imperator Casual Grind
Saturday 21/09/2013, 14:35

Tbh I'm not sure why Dagg came to my mind when looking for a comparison for Campbell.

As for comparing Doug Snop for Bblgm, it's not about competition within the same clan, but I somehow have a feeling there's 2* with +2 pills popping up these days as a line of "every clan gets a variant" simmilar to how every clan got a Wakai (including the highly pointless Skeelz variant). The reason why Bblg beats any other one in my eyes is that the combo of ability and bonus is sort of hilariously good, yet he doesn't get much play due to neither the 2 damage or 2 pills really mean much. The real problem I have with these guys is that if you win, you don't acomplish much, and if you lose you wasted pills and you put them in there to save some in the first place. Bblgm is the only guy who works because you end up at a pill advantage whatever you do.

Not saying Doug Snop woun't be a staple (or am I, is he really better than Graff and B-Ball?)

offline James Chape Titan Masters of Battle
Saturday 21/09/2013, 15:30

He's better than B Ball,but worse than Graff,but then I think,why not use both? smiley

offline Virano Guru URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 21/09/2013, 16:18

I have a question, If I've started a New Blood Mission, does it last until I finish it like LD Missions? or does it expire no matter what your progress is?

offline TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Saturday 21/09/2013, 17:20

Once unlocked, NB missions stay available. It won't expire in progress.

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Sunday 22/09/2013, 21:52

This release both impressed me, and disappointed me.

Between doug snop and Carmen, I liked them. Heck Doug Snop takes best Bangers 2* unless if I want more DR or SOA. But for the clans to perform at optimum levels in ELO or other low star scenarios, if their stats and levels were swapped with eachother, they would be significantly more playable(not a big fan of all the 6- power 3*s in Bangers, or the poor 2* oprions in Sentinels(aside from the permabanned Lehane). Campbell came in as my second favorite rescue 4*, unless if you count Alec Cr, so I have no complaints. Gradymag gives me mixed thoughts. Under the right cirumstances, she's more useful than Dorian or Herman. Howeer, that stability is part of what makes dorian and herman good. Shes got lots of competition which puts this good card to shame.

Doug Snop: 8.5/10
Carmen: 6/10
Campbell: 10/10
Gradymag: 6/10

offline Cakeman Icing Guru Hip Hop Messiahz
Monday 23/09/2013, 05:55

I like how UR is still releasing cards with scouters.smiley
Campbell is probably using one to see if somebody is alive or something.

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