offline LP-Herald Master  
Monday 23/09/2013, 16:47

If anyone's interested in developing their skills as a player.. join Last Prophets. We can discuss strategies and tactics, trade, create fun and challenging guild events, possibly form new guild alliances and much more! While becoming formidable opponents for our foes is a focal point, it isn't the only priority, much more important is enjoying the game. I understand people have lives and stressful days and come online to unwind and enjoy a moments peace, but being a solo and act simply battling day to day can become quite redundant and I know there are people looking for more! Please do hurry and apply to this guild so we can become a force to be reckoned before this guild is shut down, I don't discriminate all are welcome, so have no fear of rejection! I'll be waiting and message me if you have any questions. Stats: 1317 elo using rescue deck (1st time playing elo), 1321 elo using vortex and frozn yesterday, won approximately 57% of my battles (not to bad for a novice).

offline Lp-Miniterror Master  
Friday 04/10/2013, 22:04

Ye, the more members we have the better, Remember we don't discriminate all are welcome, so have no fear of rejection! we'll be waiting.

offline LP-Herald Master  
Saturday 12/10/2013, 06:25

I'm still taking applicants and would love for some English speaking members to join, I Know UR is a shadow of it's former self and it's difficult to maintain interest in what seems to be a dying site, but I'm trying to and get a little more involved and revitalize or at least increase UR activity, you know start guild wars or create a guild event featuring as many guilds as possible. but I can't do that with only six members (most who've been inactive for the past week). I know this is a new guild and people want to be apart of a large guild. Unfortunately that's all they are, large guilds and I'm not gettin at anyone I'm just stating facts most of the large guilds have tons of members who're inactive or completely left UR and leader who have left themselves or on hiatus, I don't want a ton of applicants just enough that I have a steady, active guild with players who I can actually interact with and not just there for stats, so please so join and at least put some effort into bringing back life into UR, if we fail at least we tried.

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