offline METALHEADuk666 Imperator D-Versified
Tuesday 24/09/2013, 17:46

After reading a thread with almost the same title as this i was inspired to create a rainbow ELO deck that i will use only.

here is my prefered deck. It is untested and i have played no rounds of ELO yet this week.

i have also created these 2 variations.

Please feel free to rate and comment and offer advice.

i am going to use ELO Rainbow 1 this week and gonna continually tweak each week in an attempt to great a super rainbow deck

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offline Azeem- Colossus Harbingers of Ares
Monday 30/09/2013, 16:05

You can't rely entirely on their bonus, that's a stupid tactic lol. You'd be forced to win 3 rounds every game, unless you get a certain hand..
You need some variety so A) You don't get bored B) It's not predictable C) You can implement a new style depending on the cards you have.

offline METALHEADuk666 Imperator D-Versified
Monday 30/09/2013, 16:21

I have to agree with hoazeem here.

basicly you ar pitting yourself with no ability as the bonus they have counters your own. You may or may not get stat advantage from your card but they also get an ability and 8 times out of 10 ability is greater than bonus imho.

thanks for the input though

offline -Summoner- Legend
Monday 30/09/2013, 17:20

What is the difference between playing without a bonus or without ability?
Check out Huracan bonus for example, you won't get any ability close to it, unless in mono decks.

I agree that Copy: Bonus Opp. could be a disadvantage vs Skeelz and dmg manip clans as their cards usualy have higher power and/or strong abilities but u aint gonna suffer much vs attack/power manip clans.

offline METALHEADuk666 Imperator D-Versified
Monday 30/09/2013, 17:43

Yes the hurican bonus is great but you have to remember that have that too.

so i play shazam vs their derby queen in first round

they get 7/2 with +14 AND revenge +3 damage
i get 7/2 with +14 life.

same goes for any card. At least with the abilities they tend to be better.

what you gonna do vs another rainbow? Or against a nightmare/ piranah deck or even worse the other op clan rescue. They get +12 you get +3

its not a practical thing to do. I thought about it mulyaelf before and the weakness in the copy bonus made me to rather pick lola over saki. The best copy vonus cards work because they get their bonus too.

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Monday 30/09/2013, 17:54

1) Abilities tend have a lot more variety. That way you're not stuck with 4 attack manipulators but possibly with 2 Dr, + pillz and - opp power.
2) Abilities (most of the time) are the stronger point in a card. We'll never see a clan with +5 power as a bonus or Poison 3 min 1 or +2 life per damage. (Yes, I'm aware of Frankie Hi and Ace, but they're the exception.)
3) Regarding Huracan bonus, +- 12 attack manipulators come close enough to it. That is, until they release a card with that ability.

offline 412rayray Titan D-Versified
Monday 30/09/2013, 18:22

I like Diana but u have to win w her to b effective. Malicia is the better option since u can win (5 dmg), lose (basically a 1dr for 3 rds), people usually assume ur only 1 pilling her for the ability so it's a sneaky play to use 3 to get her thru. Basically Malicia offers more options of play so that ur opp won't know how ur using her. It's y I've chosen most if the cards I have, they can b played in a multitude of ways that ur opp can't predict.

offline 412rayray Titan D-Versified
Monday 30/09/2013, 18:24

Also the copy opp: bonus ability isn't very useful in a rainbow deck. Ur opp is going to b using the same bonus so what's the point? It limits what u can Do w the card, exception is Freaks but how often is that going to save u?

offline METALHEADuk666 Imperator D-Versified
Monday 30/09/2013, 18:55

Honestly i have the worst luck.

4 more fights
2 strong pussy cats / freaks
1 gheist
1 rescue

lost all.

stupid game

offline Azeem- Colossus Harbingers of Ares
Monday 30/09/2013, 19:21

I know this looks like one long argument, but i'm trying (as well as others) to give input and people the best chance of a rainbow deck.
In a rainbow deck, which has other "Weak" cards, Why would you use your 4* for anything but 4 damage really?
I mean Marina or Malicia by themselves? Malicia does wonders with other PC, but I would argue against it in a Rainbow deck..
Kephren Lola Spiaghi do their jobs fine, no need for another "Dr"

offline -Summoner- Legend
Monday 30/09/2013, 19:22

Lizbeth and Oshitsune are both banned, Bogdan isnt, neither are any of Junkz. Beside it, GHEIST Ld is released.
What have u expected?

Consider higher base stats.

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