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Favourite overlooked cards

Favourite overlooked cards
Wednesday 25/09/2013, 14:43
Kefalo - Legend English

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Favourite overlooked cards
Kefalo - Legend - the shockwavesEnglish - Wednesday 25/09/2013, 14:43

So, since the big ELO discussion brought up the fact that way too many cards in the game never see play because nothing quite measures up to the staples, I'd love to have an "underused card appreciation thread". There are cards out there that you just put into your deck for missions or whatever reason and they won you more matches than any staple and have a special place in your heart.

For me there's a number of them:

1) Baby Q, 4* 6/6 SoB with -2/min 1 DR. You will aways, and I mean always see Ditha, Malicia or even the very underused 7 powered 4* girls and simply not put Baby Q into your deck.

What are you missing on? 6 damage for one pill, or someboy overpilling on a Sob Dr. LOL. Also, likely no Freaks poison, lol.

2) Cheep - 8/2 +2 life bonus, stop: -3 dam/ min 1. Well, stop cards are vanilla cards most of the time, and this guy is bonus dependent to boot.

What are you missing on? A bloody annoying 8/4 wall which makes SoA pointless because what SoA means most of the time is no DR. He makes people play stupid - heck, you can actually pill against their SoA and win for ALL damage reduced, making a 4 gap and turning your hand into a 3 rond win one.

Gork - 7/8 SoA bonus with poison self for 2 min/4. XU52 has att manip, Mechakolos is a 1 hit KO. Otherwise people just don't use him enough.

What are you missin out on? Pretty much a bloody honey badger who doesn't give a f**k. Unconditiona 7/8 with SoA? Otherwise he kicks ass.
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Kefalo - Legend - the shockwaves English
Wednesday 16/04, 23:48

Well, I wouldn't exactly call an 8/6 a "hole", really, and I suppose that with the right kind of deck you could make him work. However, I'm not really sure how it works.

Timber, on the other hand is cartainly a big old waste stats wise, but I'm getting more and more curious if he can actually be stupidly good. There's a big load of even damage number cards that came out after elo got bumped up to 14 stars, and combing through everything in the game to see if there's a clan he really breaks might turn up interesting finds. Actually, you don't have to look too far at all, I'm just having trouble coming up with a format which let you cash in on the advantage. A solid plan for when you not draw him is also desirable.

FPC has a pile of 3* round winners (Ralph, Shifou, Kamekun, Nakata even Dao Wang and Sayura) which become quite nasty.
Most of the nasty Sakhrom are even damage, and so is Spyke. Problem is, the KO's become obvious. Otherwise, ouch.
Junta doesn't improve much. Bangers has even damage stuff but mediocre. Hurracan I'm not sure about. Nightmare look interesting. Upper's don't really improve.

And then there's the 1hit KO stuff, but that's risky. And, well, there's a 6/7 guy just sitting there if someone really messes up somehow. So what's the deal with Timber, then? You can ussually get 2 hits in with FPC, and most of the one's that profit are staples anyway, so would say: Kamakun, Ralph, Shifou, Nakata, Sayura, Dao Wang, Timber... and, say, GraksmxxT make a good deck
DA_Banana - Guru - Potato Flavored Potatoes English
Yesterday at 01:00

he is a beast in survivor, Elo (sometimes) and other formats
7 power (nothin bad so far) sob (Yay) 7 damage (above average) +-2 life
7/9 with sob
dad pretty darn good
HotShot888 - Guru English
Yesterday at 01:01

Allow me to correct myself slightly. I don't think Ashigaru is a type 2 card at all. There's no room for him in a mode where everyone plays 6 5* powerhouses + Ambre + jackie.

I find 25 star modes more interesting (and way more affordable) to build decks for and I think Ashigaru is really good there.
YourPetChicken - Hero English
Yesterday at 02:00

I wasn't talking specifically about Ashigaru, but when the deck I played with the most didn't have a single card under 9 power and half had 10 or more, if an 8/6 isn't a hole it's pretty damn close.

I don't think he's bad or useless, though. Like HotShot said, he's most effective in the 25 star range; just that the clans/decks I play in that range can't afford to give up any 5* slots. I certainly like him more than a lot of his competition, though.
YourPetChicken - Hero English
Yesterday at 02:04

I wonder how Hugo would fare in a Bangers/Ulu Watu deck. When both Hugo's effect and their bonus are activated the cards essentially get +8 attack if they don't lay down any pills, which can be even the odds against Sakrohm/Junkz/Sentinel decks in low pill fights while keeping the high pill advantage.
Kefalo - Legend - the shockwaves English
Yesterday at 17:45

^ Now that there is a clever bit of reasoning. If there were only any place at all to try it which wouldn't be flooded to the eyeballs with Hugo + Montana in a blink of an eye.

However, I'm totaly gonna try Timber out. If anyone actually knows how to go about this, PM me with details
HotShot888 - Guru English
Yesterday at 19:05

If you're going for Timber, you should probably try him with some high damage clan. You want to avoid having to use Timber himself in a fight so it shouldn't last 4 rounds.
Thoazol - Legend - Wise Men Distracted English
Yesterday at 19:08

But don't go for the usual suspects. Lennox, Dugan, Tsubame and co. People see that coming.
Kefalo - Legend - the shockwaves English
Yesterday at 21:03

Hmmm, too much Piranas for Fan Pi Clang right now (oh, and of all the usual suspects, Tsubame is still so worth it ). Sakhrom on the other hand might be what I'm looking for with Timber

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