Thursday 26/09/2013, 22:15

I would like to trade the following cards for lots of cards over 3k and offers including tanman (260k) and Tessa Cr (630k)

I have for trade:
83x Leviatonn oxp 17k each
1x Verymn n oxp 25k
1x Willy oxp 8k
1x Elvis oxp 6k
1x Kawamashi Cr 0xp 5k
1x Konrad oxp 4.5k
6x Sprinter oxp 1k each
1x Taylor oxp 5k
3x Shifou oxp 3.2k each
2x Shizawa oxp 4k each
2x Olga oxp 15k each
2x Ayah oxp 5.5k each
2x Kalindra Cr oxp 60k each
3x Stompah oxp 6k each
20x Windzy 600 each
2x Naginata oxp 7.2k each
1x Naginata full 7k
2x Emeth Cr oxp 44k each
1x Ahkab oxp 14k
3x Florida Jane oxp 5k each
1x Rass Cr 0xp 725k
1x Geuner Cr oxp 82k

I also have 50k in clintz to add to offers.

Editor's Note: Added price to the cards you are looking for smiley
pms work best

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Thursday 26/09/2013, 05:22

Tessa Cr I value at 630k and Tanman 210k

Thursday 26/09/2013, 05:23


Sunday 29/09/2013, 04:05



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