Friday 27/09/2013, 11:18

After the success of the Xantio-Serum 2.0, a GHEIST laboratory was broken into by members of the Rescue clan who placed the serum under lock and key. With the help of the GHEIST, Jaxx Ld is determined to show these vermin the cost of picking on someone stronger than you. And if he can get his hands on that damned Scott Ld, he’s not gonna pull any punches!
Jaxx Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before December 1st at 11.59pm (GMT + 2:00)

Sunday 29/09/2013, 19:54

Im using Dolly, Nina, etc?

Sunday 29/09/2013, 20:02

Do 5 Poison Damage with Gheistling.
That says Gheistling. Not GHEIST.

Sunday 29/09/2013, 20:03

Ah ok lol!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a million, was being stupid and didn't read correctly

Monday 30/09/2013, 14:51


Vendetta - blood revenge... MY OWN LD!!!smiley

Tuesday 01/10/2013, 01:15


Tuesday 01/10/2013, 02:18

Bad ld, with easy missions. Meh, at least I own it now.

Also, I just had an interesting idea. In addition to the missions they currently have for ld's, they should also introduce "Special" missions for them that can only be unlocked upon netting 500wins with said clan. Doing those missions would then unlock better stats for the ld cards (ie: jaxx would go from being a 6/6 4-star with -6opp atk min 6 to possibly a 7/6 4-star with -smileypp atk min 6).

Tuesday 01/10/2013, 02:46

I like that. As long as it's a completely different card. Maybe something like Jaxx TLD (Truly Legendary)
Make all of the Lds actually playable counterparts. Good idea. smiley
Also. What are you retired from??? Just wondering as it doesn't seem you're retired in any way.

Tuesday 01/10/2013, 02:55

I retired from the game, then came back after a few members of war party had the balls to "tick off" my little brother Jason, then I "retired" from the english community due to the lack of activity or good guilds in general, and have since been hanging out in the french community in a guild that is arguably the most active one I've seen in the last 2 years. smiley

Tuesday 01/10/2013, 03:36

I like the TLD idea. Though the guild I am in didn't do anything wrong. smiley

back to topic, Jaxx Ld is pretty much a nice replacement given that GHEIST is pretty expensive clan

Hope to see Harrow back soon.

Wednesday 02/10/2013, 16:39

Harrow Ld will be the next one,then Sylvia,the I'm waiting since a very long time smiley


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