Bloody Revenge

Friday 27/09/2013, 11:18

After the success of the Xantio-Serum 2.0, a GHEIST laboratory was broken into by members of the Rescue clan who placed the serum under lock and key. With the help of the GHEIST, Jaxx Ld is determined to show these vermin the cost of picking on someone stronger than you. And if he can get his hands on that damned Scott Ld, he’s not gonna pull any punches!
Jaxx Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before December 1st at 11.59pm (GMT + 2:00)

Friday 27/09/2013, 11:23

The LD with possibly the best artowrk smiley

Friday 27/09/2013, 11:31

2nd mission needs translation smiley.

Friday 27/09/2013, 11:34

Mechakolos time? smiley

Friday 27/09/2013, 11:51


Friday 27/09/2013, 12:10

Fixed the name of the 2nd mission.

Friday 27/09/2013, 12:31

It's nice to see that the admins care so much about me getting the colossus rank. 5th straight ld release of one I didn't own yet.

Friday 27/09/2013, 12:38

Totaly awesome story-mission set up too smiley

Friday 27/09/2013, 12:52

"After the success of the Xantio-Serum 2.0"...

Come on story team, was it Jaxx and Cortez in the room 13 of the Red One Motel? We know Spyke spied on them, but what did he see? Why was his tongue cut off? I want to know! I want to know!

Friday 27/09/2013, 13:16

@ Myeltd : Yeah, because you ar certainly the reason why they're keeping the order they've had so far smiley.


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