offline -Zingaro- Imperator  
Wednesday 09/10/2013, 17:19

Jim Cr 0 exp
Your prize in the market is over 350k
I offer for teenareva or another cr or good cards smileysmiley

offline 0 Spycee Colossus Army of Elite Mercenaries
Wednesday 09/10/2013, 17:59

350k ? good luck smiley

offline -Zingaro- Imperator  
Wednesday 09/10/2013, 20:12

Sorry 250ksmiley

offline ZacharyThomas Colossus Harbingers of Ares starstarstarstar
Thursday 10/10/2013, 01:17

Geuner Cr oxp
Leviatonn x9 0xp
2x Shifou 0xp

for itsmiley

offline -Zingaro- Imperator  
Thursday 10/10/2013, 06:58

I sell Jim Cr i have Ombre Cr now smiley

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Clint City, day.